summer toboggan run

in #travel5 months ago

Today my family and me were at place near Birkfeld in the eastern part of Styria to visit a summer toboggan and Motorik-park
(maybe best translated as motion park, or motor function park).
This is the place on google maps

Here's the The run is 1 km long and has an elevation of 60 metres. It was real fun, even if my tiny one stated i am driving to fast (my two cents: no way ;)

This picture shows where the fun starts
liviawuff.jpg get hauled up to the start.

The run leads through the motion-park, of course secured by fences.

This is a map of the motion-park, and it's stations

Of course a few rules also apply when taking the run.

If you're looking for a fun day with fun workout for your family, and you're around that place, i highly recommend visiting this place.

Enjoy your day, and stay safe, Folks!