Walking up to castle Oberkapfenberg

in #travel6 months ago

Lately we took a trip up to the castle Oberkapfenberg, located on a summit overseeing the valley the town of Kapfenberg is in.
I was told the Kapfenberg is maybe deriving from an old german phrase 'in die Berg gaffen' meaning something like 'looking at the mountains'.
You can visit the castle by car on the road leading up, or take the Wulfing Weg. A short, beautiful but quite steep way. Non the less, it is an easy hike.

Here are a few impressions of the way

After we have reached the Castle...

...we went on to the Inn named Prieselbauer

Yet again you can take the road there,

...or the proper way

The Inn itself is in a beautiful spot, with really delicious food. I can really recommend it.
There are also Live Concerts, when there's no lock down.

If you're around the area and look for an easy hike or walk you should go for it. But remember as soon as you go off-road, Sandals are no option, always wear at least good Sneakers.

Have a wonderful day Peepz, and stay safe!