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The Most Unique and Enchanted Hotel In The World!

It is rare for me to not be my talkative self, especially when I see something interesting. Once I get started, it's difficult for me to stop, but this time, I was rendered speechless by the magnificence of the beauty which surrounded me.

Honestly, I am not surprised to know many tourists are heading to islands like Koh Phi Phi, Boracay or Krabi for their beach holiday not only because of the crystal clear water but also the wide variety of inexpensive luxury hotels overlooking the beach at these hotspots. If you’re not a big fan of these tourist crowds, it might put you off.

Besides these popular islands, what you may not discover yet on the internet is the beautiful island of Phu Quoc, in the Southern part of Vietnam. An unassuming Vietnamese island that is a perfect spot for backpackers to stop-over and also people who seek a perfect spot to immerse in a luxury escape.

Besides, the island enjoys an average temperature of 27°C to 29°C, perfect for heat-seekers to escape the winter chills in the European countries. Not to mention that this island is absolutely a true gem that is undiscovered by the masses, thus I can promise you that you’ll definitely experience a way quieter surrounding than any other beach spot in Asia.


The JW Marriott Emerald Bay will be the highlight of your trip to the island. This hotel is situated just off the Cambodian coast with a pristine beach that projects tranquility, serenity and a natural landscape that is perfect for anyone who wishes for a relaxing getaway. As I believe, being different is easy, but different in a great way is another story. This hotel definitely stood out from the others despite the fact that there are plenty of beach hotels to be chose from.

Rumour has it that this hotel was a university that was once used and abandoned during the World War and the building was rehabilitated to be a resort now. However, as the tale goes on, many fell for it, but, the truth is none of this rumor was ever true.


JW Marriott Emerald Bay is the official name for this hotel, but it is also known to be “Lamarck Univeristy” that goes with the theme of the hotel. This hotel was designed by the Harvard-educated American designer Bill Bensley who has designed more than 200 influential hotels across the globe. It is undeniable that his quirky designs and his notable work have created such an impact in the hospitality industry. Once again, Bensley proves himself with a splendid job in conveying his message to the public that luxury can be more than just the paradigm and profusion. But, it can also tell a story that stretches beyond your imagination.

This hotel resort was built in the year 2016 at a cost of approximately $250 million US dollars. Which is the most expensive property in Phu Quoc. The stunning layout of the whole compound and the interesting theme of the resort earned the title of "Asia’s Leading New Resort" in the year 2017.

However, many may ask. "Why is it called "Lamarck University?"


Despite the rumors, this is a newly built resort hotel by JW Marriott with a university theme that was named after French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, who relentlessly contributed into creating an evolutionary theory in medicine, biology, and history. His great success had inspired Bensley to frame his idea for this legendary hotel to unfold the story of the early 20th-century. The architecture of this building is very much inspired by the bygone French colonial days. Every space and corner of this property is filled with surprises that never fail to bring you back to the past with a trace of luxury.


Around the resort compound, you'll definitely find some unconventional characteristics being displayed all across this inspired symbolic academy of learning. From antiques to artefacts that were handpicked from the world’s flea markets, shipped carefully from Europe to the resort.

For example, you'll see stacks of neatly arranged of old books all over on the rustic shelves and French influenced antiques displayed nicely in the corridors. If you're a books lover, I am pretty sure that you will adore it.


The French concept that has been embedded throughout the resort doesn’t end with just the decorations. The high-ceilinged roof and the palatial space at the lobby portray a true essence of style and elegance. I guess this is probably the classiest and the most stylish hotel lobby that I've ever seen.

If there's not enough to convince you already, I must say, this is just the beginning! What you're about to witness next is going to stun you into silence.


It is not a University if there's no proper allocation on the course that you've enrolled. Well, in Lamarck University, your hotel rooms are basically categorized based on different courses like Zoology, Anthropologie, Ichtyologie. From seashells and different decorations like paintings, and art statues to the customized accessories can be seen throughout the hotel.


People always say that action speaks louder than words. I guess, these meticulous works says it all. Seeing this comprehensive work of art makes me realize that art has its price and I'll never take anything for granted.

Next, this dreamy hotel room is going to lead me to my second point of why you need to visit this magical place.


All the rooms and suites offer more than just a themed novelty. Each room is customized with a distinctive story according to the theme. Telling a story based on the concept of the room. The layout of the rooms features a bright setting, unique vintage furniture, distinctive art paintings and most importantly, they are designed for relaxation.

Almost every room in this resort has a private balcony with a view of the milky blue sea and the dense tropical jungle around the resort. While private villas are characterized with a private access pool and bar that brings out a different level of superiority and luxury.


What surprises me the most is how the designer of the hotel paid so much attention to detail. It's normal to find your mini bar in a hotel room to be concealed within a cabinet. But, it's not to the extent where the mini fridge is hidden in a custom-made vintage-looking sideboard.


As I mentioned, every room has a private balcony. But honestly, I have never been to a place that has such a relaxing ambiance on a balcony. The vintage-styled flooring, the cushions, and the colors compliment each other so well. Considering there’s even a fan at the balcony makes me want to just spend by day here all day while enjoying the sea view.


This resort has been built with 5 restaurants that include a bar and a French deli. Freshly baked desserts like macarons and croustade by the French pastry chef is perfect for all the sweet-tooths out there. All of these restaurants are among the most well-recognized in all of the Island, serving top-notch dishes from the local authentic Vietnamese cuisine, fresh-catch and barbecued seafood by the beach to the luxurious French fine-dining. From all of these extensive selections of dining venues, I am pretty sure that you'll find something that suits your taste buds.

In my opinion, the highlight from these restaurants is the "Department of Chemistry". This is a evening bar and restaurant that I would recommend. Not only are the beverages served top-notch, but it also offers an extraordinary ambiance that you can never find anywhere else in the world.


This bar is specially designed with the Chemistry theme. Of course when we speak of Chemistry, instantly the thought of chemical laboratory equipment like beakers, graduated cylinders, and test-tubes will pop into your mind. Well, this bar is no different from your university laboratory except that instead of chemicals, different liquors and syrups are used to create your favorite drinks.

In this bar, whatever that you see or you touch, is absolutely not your imagination. They are really using laboratory equipment to prepare your special cocktails and mocktails. Interesting, isn't it?

Besides, you'll find the entire restaurant is filled with meticulous work of art where every corner is filled with decorations that suit the theme. For example, the artwork on the ceiling.


If you look closely enough on the wall, you’ll be able to identify the entire periodic table painted on the ceiling accurately. Also the lamp! The custom-made lamp that is designed exactly like a structure of an atom definitely added so many dimensions to the restaurant! It's so nostalgic.

If you’re a chemist or a chemistry lover, this will be absolutely your paradise.


Sipping your favorite drink during the warm evening while enjoying the calm sea and the constant breeze has never been better at a bar like this. To top things up, the extra attentive service provided will definitely satisfy you. Besides, this bar is always offering different deals like a two for one deal during the happy hour. This perfect spot has been a favorite for many customers to spend their evening after a beach stroll.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you that this resort even went the extra mile to organize a Vietnamese night-market for hotel guests and also for public visitors.


Clearly, the street along Rue de Lamarck isn’t old enough to portray the authentic vintage vibe that you'll find in Hoi An as the buildings here in the hotel are pretty new. But, it is for sure feels like it. Along the street, traditional shophouses were built with a blend of the Chinese and Western influence to resemble the ancient street vibe of Hoi An where the many colorful lanterns are illuminated.

Although this is not a huge night market, you'll still find different Vietnamese craftworks and local street snacks like the Banh Tráng Nướng (grilled Vietnamese rice paper), Goi Cuon (summer rolls) etc.


It's not a beach resort if there's no beach. Phu Quoc is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. This resort is set perfectly at Bai Khem beach which is known to be the "ice-cream beach" for its soft and creamy white sands.


For many years this spot was been a military base as it's quiet and far away from the town. But now, it’s became a peaceful private place for hotel guests to relax. If you’re more of a sport person, different watersports and activities are offered by the hotel. For example, yoga at the sea, kayaking, stand-up paddling and etc.


When you're done at the beach, shower your sandy feet at the custom-made wave like shower booth, take a break on a pool chair or simply take a dip at one of the pools within the resort.


This resort has three major pools that cater to both adults and children. However, if you wish to take a moment to enjoy peace, it is highly recommended for you to spend your time at the adults only pool in a shell-like shape where you'll highly be away from the children's screams of joy.


In the evening, pamper yourself by enjoying a barbeque dinner by the beach where the daily fresh catches are being displayed at the counter for you to choose your favorite seafood to be grilled and served. Enjoy your dinner and the crashing of the waves with a constant sea breeze that I promised that it is no better way to end your day.

Authored and Photographed by @explorernations

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One thing i like going to Vietnam is it's so cheap when it comes to a cost of living over there, but the quality of services they have is undervalued, people in Vietnam are nice people, but this post you just shared it made me going back to Vietnam and might want to go too in that place, with temperature of 27-29c is indeed an ideal temperature for me and the pristine beach that can get rid of stress surely a worth of a travel.

Absolutely agree. Vietnamese is very friendly and welcoming. Even though the temperature in Saigon could be pretty hot, Phu Quoc definitely is a perfect spot to escape the heat and also perfect for a beach holiday. If you happen to go Phu Quoc, pay this hotel a visit. Even if you're not staying there, just go there on Friday, it's open for all to visit.

Very useful information and I will take it for guidance when planning for any future trip

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its one of the unique hotel I have ever encounter

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I was rendered speechless by the magnificence of the beauty which surrounded me.

After reading your post I could clearly understand your feelings. To me vacation has to include crystal clear water and definitely not too crowded beach, which is the exact opposite of what we have in NY Jones Beach. Even though it’s beautiful, but not beautiful enough. Your first pic of hotel view looks amazing, like a dream come true vacation.

Every space and corner of this property is filled with surprises that never fail to bring you back to the past with a trace of luxury.

Nicely said! Very interesting history of this beautifully designed-hotel and overall resort. I love the way you put it in when each room telling the different story. I would definitely enjoy my morning coffee ☕️ on the balcony relaxing. Different varieties of food choice in many different restaurants and sport activities would definitely be what I wouldn’t mind on my dream vacation. BTW is this resort all inclusive? That would be very important to complete my dream vacation 😆. At the end “I’m speechless!”lol

Hey there, thank you so much for your time writing this beautiful comment. They have different packages where you can choose whether breakfast is included or not. Hope this answered your question :)

I read about such a popular Vietnamese island of Fukuok. Many people make their own blog. Basically, it's Russian tourists who want their life exotic. In the blog, they describe how they live on a postponement and how much money is needed for this "budget" tourist. That is, they create a manual on how to survive on the island of Fukuok.

That is, many people (about whom I read and watched the video) live on this island for a year. They do not rent a hotel. They integrate into local society and live just like ordinary locals. Of course the fact is that there is a difference between the inhabitants of different countries of the world. But fukuok is where you can feel like a full-fledged resident of the island.

But I liked your description of this hotel. It is a great place where a tourist can stay. This is a place with an excellent history. I think that due to the fact that this hotel was projected by such a famous and creative person - he has the right to be called one of the best hotels on the island. I liked the fact that it is called the "University of Lamarck". This is the name that is given to him which adds to his fame.

Thank you for the excellent article. Fine photos and beautiful description. I want to stay there. This is a place where I would like to rest. I like it

Apparently what you said are absolutely right. Phu quoc is really beautiful and I can totally see why it’s been most of the russian’s Favorite. Besides the luxury hotels here at phu quoc, there’s also the laid back side that is perfect for exploring :)

That hotel is amazing! The university theme seems to give it an exotic exchange student feeling, where you can have a fresh start in a new school in a beautiful environment. Or maybe it's so magical, you might think you're at Hogwarts! The level of detail is really quite something, like the periodic table of elements tucked up as tile decoration; quite the discovery if you weren't expecting it!

The area being relatively free of tourists is also tantalizing... Nobody likes crowds, except maybe the hotels I guess; but maybe this post will encourage a new flood of visitors ;)

The night market is so cool too! But are the prices jacked up compared to other night markets in Vietnam? In any case, the area seems much cleaner than I might have expected and it seems that a lot of yummy food can be discovered!

And the level of detail again extends to the beach; i find sand between the toes very annoying but it looks like they have a custom foot shower for managing that. And of course, the beach itself is spectacular and ties everything together! You could probably just spend an entire week, just lounging at this hotel and beach!

Phu Quoc seems like a marvelously impressive gem, I need to visit someday!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment. The night market is all local vendors, thus the prices are according to the standard street market price. Definitely don’t need to worry about the prices being jacked up. Phu quoc is really a great alternative is you’re looking for a not so crowded beach holiday.

Ha! :D I prepared myself for this post, I went swimming today. Last time @adsactly posted about beautiful beach and sea I just wanted to check if it's time for swimming. And it is, the sea is perfect now, it's not too warm and not so cold.

The hotel looks perfect from the outside, white color mixing with yellow in front of the green garden looks just stunning! But the interior! OMG it is marvelous, beautiful, amazing,.... I'm kinda left speechless. To promote the knowledge like this is something that really catches my attention. I wouldn't mind taking a nap there hehe :D

Maybe the most amazing thing for me inside the hotel is a wall covered with the periodic table. It looks amazing. The whole hotel is amazing and I really want to thank you for sharing this with us. This is kind of hotel people want to know about, I believe, or hope so :D

Much love, Luka.

So true! The meticulous artwork around the hotel really stood out. If by any chance, I hope you’re able to pay it a visit too :)

Next time i should be making this a priority to visit and experience . Thanks for the article.

I’ve been to Vietnam 2 holidays .. toured quite a bit .. but never heard of this island. Definitely worth taking note and visiting Phu Quoc when passing by Vietnam again in the future :)
Cheers 🥂

This island is definitely very underrated compared to famous beaches like Krabi, Boracay and etc. If you happen to go there the third time, I promise it's going to be super worth it.

Nice pics

great stuff

Looks really beautiful place! Nothing less than paradise ...

This is no place than heaven on earth, paradise to forget all your worries and enjoy.

Absolutely I agree ;)

like a paradize

Thanks for sharing your experience. I've always wanted to visit Southeast Asia and this seems like a perfect place to do so. I totally admire the attention to detail that went into the hotel as you said the baloneys and the fridge within the cabinet. It's so interesting that this hotel was designed by someone who was Harvard educated. One thing I'm not sure if you mentioned, but what types of tourists were there? You mentioned Europeans, any Americans? I'm sure everyone was friendly and had a great time. That cafe looked tasty as well! Keep up the good work!

Absolutely true, the attention to detail is really stunning. From what I know, most of the tourists are mainly european and asians. It could be pretty hard to get to phu quoc as theres no direct flight. in order to get there, most of the tourist need to take a flight to HCM then transfer flight to phu quoc.

Wow! Looks amazing! Upvoted to help you on your travels!

Nice photo

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Very nice and wounderful place , happy travel your photography is very cute

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @adsactly

Follow my blog @powerupme

What a terrific post on a well known place. Your photography and words are just magical!

That's a nice eye for detail and a truly wonderful post.

Thank you so much Tom :) your words definitely made my day :))) always nice to have you around!

How can one go about becoming a writer for the @adsactly team?
It would be an awesome opportunity to share my content with you guys!

Its an interesting hotel for sure.If universities were built like this,i wouldn't mind becoming a professor

what a nice post. this is an amazing hotel with full of features truly world class.

wow this is called quality post at steemit well done sir

incredible view well done sir

When I thought it will be some fancy hotel tour, I knew I was wrong the moment I have read Lamarck University. Such a cool idea!! All of us are being educated but I have never come across this theme for hotel. It is super cool and I guess very unique!

Chemistry restaurant is my favourite one with artwork on the ceiling representing atoms...and also I liked very much that open bar next to beach.

Awesome experience indeed. Namaste.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment :) I’m glad this post reaches you and provided you some insights. The main point here is clearly to let everyone know that there’s such a cool architecture in the world. Hopefully you’ll make it there one day too! :)

Don't be surprised as I am passionate traveler :)

Been to Phuket it’s too many tourists for me. This is my kind of island 🌴 Definitely I am going next year.. Love the pictures too.. thanks for sharing @adsactly 🙏

Sound like a very good choice, good luck :) @explorernations & @adsactly

Awesome and well written review! We are going to southeast Asia probably in October so you made me very excited to visit Phu Quoc and the JW Marriott Emerald Bay as well. Even if it's not to stay overnight but to experience this beauty and take some cool photos!

Thank you so much for the compliment. I wasn't so sure about heading there during the October is a good idea. Due to the monsoon season, there will be rain and the beaches in Phu Quoc is not that nice due to the rubbish being washed up to the shore. But anyway, good luck :) Best regards from @explorernations & @adsactly

Thanks for your advice! Everything is still open, we have to look into it a bit more in the next few weeks to see what will be best :)

@adsactly you wowed so many people by your stunning photos; they speak louder than words in addition to your detailed description of this paradise and relaxation spot for vacationers. I too, hope to be there someday. Thanks for sharing and have a nice day.

Thank you so much for the compliments, I’m glad that you enjoyed it :) regards from @explorernations & @adsactly

You're quiet welcome and have a beautiful day.

wow it is a great hotel. I wish to visit this kind of hotel.

It great travel. The rich try to separate themselves from the poor and build walls. How much in this world is this separation? It's sad that some people are forced to leave their hometown to survive. They are looking for a place elsewhere. But instead of helping each other, we build the walls.

Whatever the effectiveness of the boundaries was stronger they use manipulation. How can I manipulate the mind with the whole thing? - this is through the media. We are being imposed false patriotism and forced to hate other people. Trump on this background looks bad. His crazy idea of ​​building a huge wall on the border is a complete absurdity. He wants to fence off people who are in a desperate state. Such people will find a way to cross the border. The saddest thing is that in an attempt to cross the border of many innocent people are dying. Men, women and children who want a better life.
On the other hand, illegal immigration has a bad side. The smuggling of weapons and drugs is bad for society. Nevertheless, all these divisions serve to show that we are "different" people. But I think that we are all the same. The difference in skin color and thinking is all. But this is my opinion.
Good article, thanks...

The difference is not in the color of the skin, but in the minds of people.

I guess everything is very based on one's perspective. Thanks for dropping by anyway ;)

The area being relatively free of tourists is also tantalizing... Nobody likes crowds, except maybe the hotels I guess; but maybe this post will encourage a new flood of visitors ;)

The night market is so cool too! But are the prices jacked up compared to other night markets in Vietnam? In any case, the area seems much cleaner than I might have expected and it seems that a lot of yummy food can be discovered!

vote for you @adsactly...........

Honestly, everything sold during the night market was a standard Vietnamese price. But the restaurant could be a little pricey compared to other restaurants. However, I would say the prices are pretty reasonable for that the quality and standard.

Wow, that is what I call luxury! Upvote & Follow. Might wanna check my posts as well. Best wishes from Germany

I love travel.thanking you for sharing your experiences.

Your article definitely put this place on top of my bucket list. Thanks for sharing sir! Great post 😄

This is beautiful. Definitely a place to visit

Beautiful .. sweet place
It is nice to have a special place
Great post ..Well done

This is haven!!! Wow.. seeing the pictures alone is making the whole world stop for a while, thanks @adsactly spending a little time here will make the mind free of so many troubles.
Thanks @adsactly for this.

Its so unique and beautiful. What a nice place to be
Nice post!

Amazing hotel probably the best across that region

Really amazing photography.
I like this your travel.
I appreciate your Photography.
Thanks for sharing this post.

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I like it 👍

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This place is really nice. It's amazing collection.

Traveling is loving anybody . This post is very interesting and helpfully

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Omg What a natural beauty.

que belleza, esos paisajes son bellos algún día lo veremos de cerca ,nunca pierdo las esperanzas, feliz día

its real beauty of the world isn't friends?

Looks perfect!

amazing place

Awesome your photography,,,,,,,
your post is really great for traveling...
i think Vietnam is a very beautiful place for traveling. Thanks for sharing your valuable post..........

Nice photos :)

Do you think it is also a good idea to stay here with my two daughters of 12 and 10 years old. It looks like heaven to me.

Ray #lifeisforliving

Hi @raypelsteeltje , to answer your question, Yes. This hotel is definitely children friendly. There's more than enough children facilities, like a playground, child care, private children pool and whirlpool for children. Different props for the pool like unicorn floats and etc. Assorted activities are provided as well like painting class and off the road biking tour. I definitely recommend to pay it a visit here. It's a perfect getaway for families :)

Beaitiful pictures! Thanks for the tip!

first time going to phuket in 2012 and that was backpacker. this hotel is very beautiful and nice. what's the price per night?

This hotel is not in Phuket anyway. It's situated on an off-side island of Vietnam, Phu Quoc. It cost around $300 usd/ night with breakfast included.

Beautiful pics as always, I feel the hunger coming now, enjoy your meal everyone !

This has been such a fascinating and inspiring read with lot's of detail and stunning pictures, the 🏖 beach looks so inviting. 😀

Wow that looks pretty incredbile !

Absolutely gorgeous photos of excellently detailed designed interior and exterior architectural decorations. Brilliant photos.

Vietnam. Such an incredible place with so much going on now. Would love to visit this island, well it isn't too far from me if I can just find the reason to make the time! So much more of Southeast Asia I haven't witnessed yet even living so long here.

Thanx for sharing this is very beautiful

nice hotel mainly hotel fronts loooks beautifull,

Your post is very good!

Now look me in the eye and Follow Me @cryptopay-blogYour post is very good


i am not going to read this one. This way too big. Can anyone tell ne the summary of it??

What a fantastic concept, brought beautifully to life by these photographs and detailed descriptions. This was never on my top travel bucket list before, but it is now!!!!!!

Thank You for this post; it has been extremely insightful & useful to increase my knowledge. Well, I'm so happy that I have found this post because I have been seeking some information about it.

Looks amazing.. Would like to take my wife and daughter there.

Very good post is done where you write things on where you go, write on your post and there's the gesture of it I love to read or where you wrote what I wrote, thank you very much, thanks your post very good Was there.

Oh, a luxury hotel! Thank you, this is really interesting... wonderful... rebloggable... Indeed, a post for 500$. My ass, what a lame crap, quit hogging the trending page with such bullshit.

Well. At least you got a comment posted on the trending page. Gives you a wonderful opportunity to showcase your wisdom and good cheer.

it seems a wonderful place

Brother, your post is very good, so I gave upvote to you. Hope you always get such a good post from you.
thank you

This is what you call heaven on earth for me! What a lovely place. Hope to go there one of these days! Thanks for sharing!

Looks really beautiful !

This is paradise! And the foods look so heavenly..

Very nice photography

Not every road to paradise
is lined with beauty.
But then again, it depends
on your definition
of "beauty" doesn't it?

Brother, your post is very good, so I gave upvote to you. Hope you always get such a good post from you.
thank you

This is truely watch a heaven on the earth thanks for sharing this

Mast hai re baba

i really like this kind of hotel,thank u for sharing this useful post dear friend.
I've followed you and upvoted this post. If you like, you can do the same so we can support each other :)

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This is how a paradise for me right now. Fantastic place, beautifull view.


Wow Very beautiful , thanks for post i am like this👍👍👍👍

Vietnam is a wonderful country that tells many stories to its visitors across majestic cities, beautiful beaches and friendly people, so exploring this wonderful Asian country will carry you a lot of fun and entertainment

thanks for sharing this info dear @adsactly


What a beautiful place! Your picture is very nice!

Excelentes fotografías

Excelentes fotografías

Thanks for reviewing this place! I guess many backpackers of just normal tourist will benefit from this :) I definitely like the colors in the rooms of the hotel.

nice post beautiful images

@adsactly Very good blog, You are letting us know abot places like this. This place might be too expensive for tourist you must be very rich. And you are right when you said: I guess this is probably the classiest and the most stylish hotel lobby that I've ever seen. I have noticed that people are diverting eyes to other places, they got bored of europe and northamerica, Asia have become a favorite and they are right the most splendid places are there, the beaches are clean, nice colour and have many attractions. Congratulations, looking forward for more blog like this

It's indeed a nice place for weary minds to relax...wish I could just pack my bag and go there...