ADSactly Travel - Driving Through Europe - Part#6

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When did you last randomly pick a city to spend a day exploring it?
Mark and I have been thinking about going on a trip for a very long time and we finally got our wish granted recently, so we packed our bags and left our everyday routine behind for a while.
Can you guess how many European cities we visited?

Truth be said, it was Mark's sister Ana who takes the credit for our little European adventure: she invited us to visit her in Luxembourg where she lives.
The deal was the following: while she was working we would randomly pick a nearby city to spend a day there exploring.

The exception was Friday evening when we went to Amsterdam together and spent the night there. We went sightseeing the following day and in the evening proceeded to Antwerp where Ana joined her office colleagues for Jamiroquai’s concert.
We arrived round 10 p.m. and while Ana was letting herself go in Jamiroquai’s funky and jazzy style, Mark and I struggled to find the way to accommodation we had booked a few days earlier.

“Mark, you are driving us round Antwerp quite confidently,“ I tried to encourage him.
“I never said how impressed I was with you finding your way easily in Ghent, Brussels, Metz, Luxembourg and Amsterdam.“
“You know my winning combination: concentration plus satellite navigation equals wanted destination,” he smiled.
“I am looking forward to a bed, shower, food and rest.” He shook his head and closed his eyes for a split second as if visualizing himself already there. Which was enough for a wrong turn.
“And now what Mark? We didn’t book a room that far from the centre, did we?“
In less than an hour we reached our destination in total silence.

We entered a large covered lobby through the main door.
From the lobby, we walked to the apartment we booked. We found the key to our apartment in a box near the door that we opened with the code we received immediately upon booking.

The wooden floor welcomed us by squeaking. We turned the light on and stood for a few seconds at the threshold. We glanced at each other. I almost stopped breathing as if I was watching a scene from a horror movie. Only, I liked what I saw.
The apartment was a work of art. It was small, cozy, with high ceilings and a gallery. At the entrance, below the gallery there was a kitchen area with a dining room, adjacent to which the living room continued.

The shower cabin was a striking central motif that made this apartment special and different. Facing the backyard, between the kitchen and the living room, it allowed the curious passers-by in the lobby to see the person in the shower. As its walls were made of glass, the only guard against curious looks was a curtain that the person taking the shower could choose to pull or not to pull.

Good thing was that at least the toilet was well hidden beneath the stairs leading to the gallery where there was a double bed and a small desk.
From the gallery one had a controlling view of the living room with carefully selected furnishing.
The wooden flooring and a brick wall gave the apartment a warm ambience and the white color chosen as the finishing layer of the furnishing made the small space look brighter and bigger. Well-picked and well-arranged decorative items were well-integrated into a very pleasant set up.

“How about it, Mark? We’ll throw a coin, and whoever loses is the first to take a shower without a curtain," I laughed completely convinced that I could not lose the bet, not even daring to consider losing.
Ana arrived an hour after midnight. We were waiting for her wide awake.
“Wow, a shower in the middle of an apartment!“ were her first words upon entering.
“You know, this seems like a place I could live in.“ She commented further as she inspected every detail.

As we were quite tired, we soon fell asleep. The next day we woke up early. It was Sunday.
We had time until noon when we were ready to go to the airport.
Antwerp is one of the largest European ports. It is located on the estuary of the Schelde River. It is an important trading and financial center; the city is famous for processing diamonds.

That was the main reason we went to the port in the morning: to see Antwerp’s latest architectural jewel, the Port House. We were impatient and full of expectations.
The crystal structure of the building shone from the distance and we were attracted by its size.

“It looks like a gigantic space ship that emerged from the future and now hangs above this old building,“ Mark said.
“Architects are free to create the world of their own," I observed admiring the miracle of modern architecture.
"It looks so powerful and attractive," added Ana, while the three of us walked toward the building as if hypnotized.

The Port House was designed by the architectural studio Zaha Hadid Architects.
Recently deceased, the famous British architect of Iraqi origin, Zaha Hadid, is known for her exceptional architectural achievements around the world. Her prestige was confirmed in 2004. when she received the Pritzker Architecture Prize. This is the most prestigious award for architecture in the world. It is awarded every year since 1979. To this day, Zaha Hadid is one of two women ever to be awarded the prize.

After the hypnosis eased off under the blows of the wind and the first drops of rain, we headed toward the center.

“Look at that tall red glazed building. I'll park the car and let's see her up close," Mark said.
It was a new surprise of the Antwerp port.
We did not know anything about it. Not until we took and read a promotional booklet offered at the entrance.

We learned that it was a museum building, MAS, Museum aan de Stroom, which would be translated into English as the Museum by the River. It is the latest and largest museum in Antwerp, opened in 2011.
The exhibition collection of the museum is made up of more than half a million exhibits. Exhibiting motifs refer to the city, its development, and its place in the world.
We entered the building and climbed from floor to floor by escalator. Ten floors.
With each floor the view of the city grew wider. Finally, we came to the open roof.
The glass fence through which we captured the most beautiful sights provided extra security.
In front of us opened the 360-degree panorama of the whole city.

We walked on the roof of the building, enjoying the view from all sides. We could say that in a matter of minutes we were able to see the whole city, from a very special perspective.
After a while we started our way out, having fun on the escalator like playful children, photographing each interesting thing.

When we got out, we went to the center of the city, walked around the main square and sat down for coffee in a side alley.
"Time to go to the airport," Ana said, looking at her watch.
These words sort of shook Mark and me, as if we were intentionally trying to delay that moment.

We sat in the car, turned on the music and headed for the Charleroi Airport.
We knew that we were getting closer to the most difficult moment when we will have to break up and say good bye.

"Ana, thanks for inviting us to Luxembourg, it was a very nice stay," I said.
"Yes, it was great, sister," Mark looked at her.
"Oh, come on, I’ll see you again in no time," Ana said in a low voice.
Though she was trying to appear self-confident, in the next moment her calm demeanor gave way to shaky and emotional outburst, unsuccessfully hidden beneath dark sunglasses: "I’ll miss you. I’ll miss being awakened by the smell of morning coffee."

As we were approaching the airport, it seemed as if the music in the car was gradually smothered by our mind’s clock ticking off the last minutes of our stay. Not to speak of the hours that were lost in the kilometers we covered over the past few days.

We arrived at the airport, a place where some journeys start and other end and where we embarked on our new adventure, the adventure of getting back home.

We stood in the circle as our hands were intertwined in a tight embrace pulsating with strong emotions; with both joy and sorrow that roared like a hurricane above our heads.
Thus, the last second of our time together was consumed.

Do you still remember my introductory question?

Over eight days that this extraordinary journey lasted, Mark and I visited six different European cities. We covered approximately 2500 km of asphalt and 860 km of straight-line distance. It was also the trip with my lowest ever ratio of the kilometers covered and the number of photos made.
Half-way of the trip, namely, my cell phone “decided” to shoot every third photo without informing me of the new policy. The biggest shock occurred in Metz, when after a full day’s sightseeing, I had a look at the photo gallery and realized that I did not have one single photo saved.

I will remember this trip as the decision point to buy my first camera.

Authored by @lufcija

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What a great vacation! I enjoyed reading it, I can imagine how it was for you :)

That apartment looks really nice, I like the sound of the wooden floor, brings the history feeling to me. But, shower in the middle of the room, haha that's a funny and interesting thing. I bet nobody had that idea haha

The Port house looks amazing, future on top of the history. What an idea! And this museum, with clear windows and red bricks, is simply stunning. The visual side of it is brilliantly done, the mixture of windows and red brick is so great. I needed to google for more pics 'cause my jaw dropped to the ground! Art at its finest!

I'm sad to hear your phone turned back on you :( I believe we would see much more extraordinary photos, like in this post. Thanks a lot @lufcija for sharing your beautiful journey with us and givin us more details about it.

Safe travels, much love. Luka

Nice! : )

Bok Luka. I had a great time during this trip. I saw a lot of interesting and exceptional places. It was really funny to see the shower in the middle of the apartment and incredible architecture.

Hvala ti na ovom lijepom komentaru, uživaj u današnjem danu.
Pozdrav :)

hehe Također uživaj, lijep pozdrav!

I think the museum was definitely my favorite. Such unique architecture I have never seen anything like it. I always loved wood and brick in a building. It definitely gives it a warmer feel for sure.

That's such a great account of your visit to Luxembourg and surrounding cities! I visited when I was very young but I don't remember as much as I wish I could... Cameras and photos are important! It's such a shock when you see so many cool things ; then discover you can't share!

And of course it's also a shock to have a wrong turn; a moment of distraction and whoops! GPS rolls its eyes and recalculates the route.

And at the end of the route, a cozy apartment; that shower location sure is a spark for discussion. Just... Why? Who would want that? Or maybe secretly we all do... Just kidding

The museum by the river has a very mine craft feel to it, with all those differently shaded bricks. It certainly stands out as an interesting point of interest; those views are great!

And the spaceship building; can you go into the spaceship? It looks a little precariously perched, a little too much to the side but I'm sure they made it very stable. Very cool design, stands out as a place to visit for sure!

Thanks for sharing your experience in the six cities! But only two were named, Antwerp and Luxembourg, was that right or maybe I can't read...

Thank you for your detailed comment.
I have mentioned all six cities Ghent, Brussels, Metz, Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Antwerp ;)

I liked reading about your trip. I can say with confidence that you managed to have a great time.

When did you last randomly pick a city to spend a day exploring it?

I do not often do it. But my experience says that this is an unrepeatable sensation. The time when you are in an unknown place and examine it - it's a pleasant experience.

The buildings you showed us are simply delightful. This is an engineering and architectural improvisation. I like how they find the old classic style of the building and the new one. It looks unusual and attracts attention.

The apartment you are staying in is stylish. This is a small room in which it seems very cozy. This is a kind of optimization of free space. In this apartment, all things complemented each other. You are right wooden floor and brick wall create a cozy and kind atmosphere. Nicely.

There are many beautiful and unusual sights in this city. This can be written a lot, but I prefer to once again enjoy your excellent photos. Thank you.

Cities are more than places where people live and work. They are locations where spiritual works can be traced and enjoyed. When people know the spiritual aspects of cities, they will enjoy more looking around.


nice pics

interesting building looking great :)

Thanks for sharing your moments with us sir.I also love to travel.It makes me happier, I love to enjoy my life.

dearest @nahid05
good comments

Wow that's great man

fantastic picture

Beautiful travel photos! Thanks for this post!

Nice post

How can we guess your visiting list, you are so much visit in the round of years

what an incredible buildings superb

this is an interesting description of your trip
Judging by the description and photos, this student city is filled with a special atmosphere. I see a lot of beautiful old buildings, they attract attention. All around it says that this city is the embodiment of an old and beautiful Europe. The buildings look very well-groomed and each of them has its own interesting and long history. These buildings and these streets have seen many generations of people. If they could talk, they could tell us a lot.
Water channels deserve special attention, they are similar to the circulatory system of man. A great place to spend time with two lovers.
I think there's nothing better than spending time in such a fabulous place. But the main thing is not to forget to drink beer :)

hi @moniristi
thankful post

Are you still there because i got more places in antwerp to visit!

check my: post, all the places:

Lovely buildings that you photographed. I was in awe!

The buildings are rare and with unique architecture, half of the building is hanging and second one look like hanging garden. Yes, you have not missed the old structure too.
From the varanda view, whole city look like the the Disney Land. Weather also seems gorgeous. It looks whole trip to heaven, if there is any!!

It is extraordinary building, we were amazed by its size and architecture.

I often travel around the country and love the road, and I also like to listen to pleasant music while driving, it invigorates. Therefore, your message was especially interesting for me. You have come a long way, but judging by the photos, all your way was on clean and level roads, and this is doubly pleasant. I have many roads in the country in poor condition.
You have very beautifully described your journey, I also often encountered on the road with the phenomenon of cyclical weather, the rain was replaced by the sun, and then back it was raining ...
thanks, I liked it

hi @hafez
how are you?

Welcome to Antwerpen bro,swing by to my crib next time you’re here! You probably did dislike the people here right? :p

Very nice travel!the university the me sams to give it an exotuc student feeling.
Where you can have afresh starh is a new school in a beautiful environment...
Or maybe it's so magical..

With temperature of 27-29c is indeed an ideal temperature for me and the pristine beach.That can getrid of stress surely aworth of a travel....
@resteemit done

Beautiful photography..
I like it this post.. thanks for sharing warning..
I appreciate your travel...

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Amazing Luxembourg!
Thanks for sharing wonderful architectures !

@Adsactly it's a good thing Mark took you along in travel for your first time visit to gent.
Your adventures to places you guys visited is really good.
I wished my country's canal system was as good as the canal system in the middle of the city
I'm a hardcore Chelsea fan. My best player hails from the country of gent.
Also when I get to school tomorrow, I'll visit the library to read up on count's castle🏣

I wish you guys journey mercies in your travel 👌👊

very favourite comment

As an architect I have to admit that this is a very emotional trip. The MAS has a very singular concept behind, if you liked it you ll probably like others buildings designed by the same firm.

photography is perfect, elegant colors, very beautiful sights, thanks for sharing.
It looks such a wonderful city. The all photos looks really great. Hope you will enjoy your extended day too. It will definitely be a wonderful memory.
followed // upvoted // resteem

Hi ellianaa, I am glad you like my photos.

@adsactly What a fabulous trip, thank you for allowing us to accompany you on this magical trip, it really is a wonderful place, as all the countries of the world have their charm this is not far behind with its historical monuments remembering those stories of the past that fascinate and amaze humanity, thanks for opening that window to those who still do not know this place, in my own experience it is fantastic as all the countries of the European community being England one of my favorites and Ireland which is already the land of the elves and fairies a place that you should not miss knowing and with many stories to value, continue to travel the world this opens a door to nurture more of our history and know our trajectory in the evolution of man in the passage through this world

dear @shihabieee
awesome article

Upvote & Follow! Really nice post. I post about travelling as well... might wanna check it out. Best wishes from Germany.

Amazing photos ..
Well done, the place looks fantastic
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing

hello, incredible tour, I loved the photographs in addition to the tremendous architecture which you registered

what good content friend keeps working like this

This is a fascinating portrayal of your trek
Based on the portrayal and photographs, this understudy city is loaded with an uncommon air. I see a considerable measure of lovely old structures, they draw in consideration. Surrounding it says that this city is the exemplification of an old and lovely Europe. The structures look exceptionally all around prepared and every one of them has its own particular intriguing and long history. These structures and these boulevards have seen numerous ages of individuals. In the event that they could talk, they could disclose to us a great deal.

Water channels merit exceptional consideration, they are like the circulatory arrangement of man. An extraordinary place to invest energy with two darlings.

I believe there's nothing superior to investing energy in such an astonishing spot. Be that as it may, the primary concern isn't to neglect to d

Thanks for sharing your moments and pictures with us @adsactly, thanks to Ana for bringing letting you guys visit her in "Luxembourg" if it wasn't for her i would not be here dropping this comment
Join me on discord

a photo with a different capture, then the result is very good.. nice post @adsactly

what a brilliant architecture .i wanna salute .it looks so awesome . prefect . love it .thanks for sharing such a beautiful thngs

How fun to find a fellow traveller! Love the pics, but hope to see even more next time - with your new camera :)

heheh thanks a lot, I'll certainly have more photos because I've already bought it :)

Tek kelimeyle. Wonderful

@adsactly personally i believe travelling is the best form of education. But i have never had enough money to travel out of africa though. Lol. Greetings from @ayahlistic

Terima kasih telah membagikan momen Anda dengan kami, pak. Saya juga senang bepergian. Ini membuat saya lebih bahagia, saya suka menikmati hidup saya.

The buildings reminds me of the game Jenga. Its interesting.. good thing the toilet was hidden behind the stairs lol. Thank you for sharing. I must put this on my bucketlist.

I liked this post very much because this post seems to me the best that your photography has become so beautiful that these places of photography are very useful for very nice travelling, to see these places very beautiful, thanks for taking photographs.
Thanks for sharing this post. I like it.....

Thank you for reading it.

That's near me!!!😉

wow nice place , wounderful photography , i like it , good job .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @adsactly

Follow my blog @powerupme

Awesome. It's really magical photo shot. Thank you very much.

I am glad you like it.

Wooww your photo is the best, I like your photo !!

We lovers photography ("-")

I enjoy taking photos.

I am not able to produce photography as good as this !

It is all about practice if you love what you are doing.

I also share a photo in my post, but this photo is very good in my opinion.

i will learn more !!

Thanks a lot ;)

Tus viajes y vivencias son tan agradables que me imagino estar en esos maravillosos lugares. Bello Post. Que Dios te de salud para que sigas disfrutando.

Muchas gracias yris!

Wooow, excellent post, great pics! Thanks for sharing with us all the info! Keep up the excellent work.


Europe is fascinating I would love to meet you, Luxembourg has an oceanic climate modified with mild winters I know because I was thinking of taking a trip, your photographs make me more willing to go, they are very lucky to live life that way

Awesome your vacation. Beautiful landscapes and foos look like another world. Incredible how we are surrounded by so much beauty.

Very interesting post.. I like your writing.. Thank you have share @adsactly

Nice story and the photos.
You have a gift for the story telling

Thanks, I am glad you like it :)

A detailed explanation of your moves in Europe. Nice one @adsactly

It's was a great travel in Europe ! I just WOW !!
Their architect design of building was amazing that blown my mind. But you took those pictures with perfect frame and click, i really liked the way you captured. Thanks for sharing some shinny and unique experience with us. Have a good and safe journey .
Waiting for your next post.

The building is exceptionally beautiful.
Thank you for reading :)

Lovely photos of your travel! I would love to do the same! Just get in the car and go places!

An honor I can follow your post @adsactly a tremendous journey that sees in your writing with a day of exploration, I can not guess until where the journey is very far and has a very extraordinary meaning.
An adventure in Luxembourg, Amsterdam, a journey that took quite a long time.
I see there are things yammari I find from the trip @adsactly well from the prominent main motif that makes this apartment special and different. Overlooking the backyard, between the kitchen and living room, it allows the curious person in the lobby to see the person in the bathroom. Because the walls are made of glass, the only guard from the strange look is the curtain that the person who bathe can choose to be attractive or uninteresting.
From the gallery there is a view that controls the living room with carefully selected furniture.
Wooden floors and brick walls provide a warm atmosphere in the apartment and the white color chosen as a layer of finishing the furniture makes the small space look brighter and bigger. Decorative items that are neatly and well-ordered are well integrated into a very pleasant setting.
This is a great thing for us to know. From the exhausting journey into something pleasing. And many things that can be a measurement of the success and luxury of the city you visit and the relics that exist show something that describes an extraordinary struggle that occurred in the old time.
Thanks @adsactly this is the most meaningful lesson for me

We win together

See you on the top

Amazing post! I love it. Checkout my new post: and let me know if you like it :)

Excelentes imágenes y descripción @adsactly!!! Gracias por permitirnos conocer a través de tu cámara viajera!

Fantastic project buddy happy to see it

Beautiful trip with a lot of informations. I like how you make it like a story. Thank's for sharing, you did a great job!

The trip made the story :)

Great post! I like how you write ;)

a lot of a beautiful places and i think that was so great , memorable and good destination. I hope someday i can go there thank you for sharing your amazing travel and fantastic images @adsactly

Consistently ranked among the world's top-three nations in both wealth and wine consumption, life in little Luxembourg seems good an absolutely charming slice of northern Europe. The capital has a fairy-tale quality to its historic core, memorably perched along a dramatic cliff top. You’ll rapidly find yourself in rolling part-forested hills where a string of beguiling villages each form attractive huddles beneath stunning medieval castles. Then there’s all the fun of the fizz in Moselle wine country and some loveable walks to take in the pretty micro-gorges of Müllerthal. All in all, Luxembourg has plenty of surprises.

Amazing photos!....great article!

How I would like to travel the world but first know my country before leaving it.
Thanks for sharing yours

great pictures! maybe a g-maps route next time?

Your writing and pictures are so cool. I have a lot of interest in architecture and I especially enjoyed it.

Thanks for sharing your experience... Great post...

hi dear @adsactly
excellent article

Excellent places and good experiences!

Wow .. These pics are beautiful .. Not to mention the skills of the draftsmen and builders of these buildings .. Stuning

The architecture is so beautiful, nice shots!

Very attractive place, it seems you enjoyed much

so nice post its Thanks you so for your post All the best

Wow what impression trip, thank for giving

I'm amazed ! I'll try to visit it as early as possible.

I like your photos !

wow what a photography.nice mentl approach,

your photograph is really awesome. I just enjoy those picyures. I think you are a professional photographer. I also love photography

Nice pictures but... I'm especially happy you liked my hometown! Hope you'll have the opportunity to come over again, there are much more (hidden) treasures to discover in Antwerpen.

Antwerp is your hometown, nice. Unfortunately, we had just a few hours so we went to the port. I hope I will come back again one day and see more.
Have a nice day!

Wow ,,, really really nice to see these Pictures,, i feel i am myself traveling by myself,,,Thanks for upload this All these Pictures,, I am from Pakistan, and never visited any foreign country, but to day i feel i just visit it,
So I up-voted you ,followed you and resteem you .

i sometime think why i don't travel.i inspire and want to travel such kind of place

It's just wow

good trip for europe knowing new cities in that country

I like your post and I think it is valuable for the photo community on Steemit!
@photofriend - Supporting original photography on Steemit and fight against plagiarism.

Um gonna come within 6 years to explore Europe.... :D nice photography!

Visiting new places is a great way to broaden your horizons. Travelers more interesting, well-read and, most often, more merry. By surrounding themselves with those who share their passion for travel and their interests in becoming a citizen of the world, they discover that they are gradually becoming better. It is a brand new place with an endless number of new attractions and new activities that you can explore.

Amazing your photography,,,
Europe is the best place for travel..i love traveling...great your writing..
I agree with you....

excellent, I've always wanted to make a trip like that, that's my goal. thanks for sharing

@adsactly nice blog and stupid end jajajaja, well now you have a camera, experiences always gives us good lessons. I am so surprised how europe is changing, it is becoming more modern though I love the clasic style. I like the museum and no way I will have a bathroom in the middle of the apartament and I think is qeer and I don´t want any one to see my fatty body um!!

@adsactly nice blog and stupid end jajajaja, well now you have a camera, experiences always gives us good lessons. I am so surprised how europe is changing, it is becoming more modern though I love the clasic style. I like the museum and no way I will have a bathroom in the middle of the apartament and I think is qeer and I don´t want any one to see my fatty body um!!

Amazing architectural design.

Museum looks nice