The dream of Santorin - Part 2 of 5

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The donkey is a very important mean of transport at Santorin. Because of the narrow streets, the donkey helps the santorinians to lift the goods from the port up to their homes and shops. Also people can sit on it's back to have an alternative to walk up the many steps by their own feet.

Would you take the steps or the donkey?

Enjoy your evening and look forward to your next holidays! :-)

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                             **Thank you!**

Wow that is incredible

Thank you guy! :)

I'd take the steps, until I have my own two legs to walk on...poor donkeys!

wonderful post, keep it up....dear @alleesuper

beautiful!!! how about a selfie or a picture of yourself with the donkey?
love that view of the ocean!!! could really use a holiday

A photo in front of the donkey was to dangerous but sometimes when I make a selfie, others see there a donkey on this picture.

also ich würde und bin zu fuß gegangen. ich glaube nicht, dass die steilen steinstiegen so angenehm für hufe sind :-/ süßes bild übrigens :)

Danke und ja, sind wir auch - die Esel waren ganz schön "auf Trab" - sah schon recht gefährlich aus, wenn eine Horde die Stufen runter rannte :-O

ja absolut!

nice view like the donkey take a selfie.

Great photo. I'd love to see more from Santorini!

If I was there I would take the donkey for the sheer novelty of the experience. I think it would be fun! Then I'd take the steps on the way back. ;)

Old is Gold! Never saw a donkey in America except in Zoo. But when I was in India, there are places where they use donkey as mode of transportation.

What the country's of that Santorin..?

Beautiful Picture!

thats is beautiful

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