📷My Travel Photography: Experiencing Batad Rice Terraces - Banaue Ifugao, Philippines III📷

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An Amphi-theatric view of the village in the middle of the rice fields. With blooming flowers in the background.


Amazing village from another angle.


Some rice fields still in progress, ready to be planted just waiting for the seeds. Others have been planted already. A tourist is also seen walking.


My selfie, my wife and few tourists and an Ifugao artwork.



Maraming salamat po!(Thank you very much!)

I am aiming to provide quality contents in the world of Steemit photography, thanks to Steemit now I can help elevate my roots out of poverty. Medium: Panasonic Lumix ZS100. Hope you'll like it. Again, Rex here, aka @allmonitors saying: Don't Just Gaze At It, Seize It, Then Steemit!

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Beautiful shots. I love those terraced rice fields.

Wow! Really cool photos of a really awesome place - that I probably won't ever see in-person. So, thank you for sharing!

Thanks for the appreciation.

What a breath-taking view of the rice fields! I also want to see it personally soon :)

You will surely enjoy it.😊

hagdan-hagdang palayan. one of my travel goals! Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots ❤

Salamat din😊

your photography is akways amazing. i appreciate your photography thanks for sharing.

Good post! Amazong photografy!

Awesome experience sir @allmonitors! 🙌

Youre welcome po.

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