Mongolia in November. Tips for tourists and photographers from Ch.Batzaya

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A famous Mongolian photographer about why it is worth to go to the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky right now.

Many of the travelers and adventurers who are planning to visit Mongolia in November are interested in what the weather is like in November, whether it's cold, what sights are still open to visitors, and which ones can not be visited, whether you can visit the Gobi, ride a camel and etc. ... in November?

If you are a photographer and are looking for a unique and new place for good shots, read this article to the end. In it, we will tell you what, where and why to take pictures in Mongolia in November.

November is not the coldest period in Mongolia, weather conditions and nature have their own beauty and specifics. The average November temperature ranges from -18 to -3 ° C and may vary slightly depending on the region. So, if you want to capture winter Mongolia, it's better to take photos of winter landscapes in November, when it's not so cold, advises Ch.Batzaya.

The whole country is covered with snow, the wool of horses and camels becomes more rigid, because animals are preparing for a long and cold winter. Also November is the time when the nomads move to the places of "wintering", where they spend the harsh winter. Travelers who visited Mongolia in November can get acquainted with the winter lifestyle of nomads, as well as explore many cultural attractions.

Mongolia is a country of extremes, and this applies both to the climate of this country, and to its sights and landscape. The nature of Mongolia is beautiful in its own way in each of the seasons. The north of the country is covered with forests, the south is the desert, eastern Mongolia - broad steppes, and the west of the country - high-altitude region.

The most attractive for tourists and adventurers in November are such regions as Gobi, Lake Hubsugul and central Mongolia. We present to the attention of the readers excellent photos of these places from Ch.Batzaya.



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