Touring Medan to Sabang, Indonesia (GEMS Yamaha Scorpio Community)

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About 4 months ago, precisely on September 2016, we did an amazing touring to the most eastern island in Indonesia for 5 days, that is Sabang. We started the trip from Medan on 21st September.

Not as usual, this is not a big touring, we did this trip with 2 units of Yamaha Scorpio motorcycle. There is no adequate planning, we do so abruptly. And proved, in the first day of this trip we found a lot of obstacles, bad weather that's for sure, the heavy rain which made us slightly reduce the speed so slow us to get there at first destination. We stayed one night at Lhokseumawe and continue the trip back to Banda Aceh tomorrow morning.

Next day we continued our journey to Banda Aceh early in the day. and this time a little problem came from my motorcycle, which caused us to make improvements for a moment to be able to continue the journey back.

Then we arrived in Banda Aceh to take as long as 6 hours. We are back to stay there to meet with The Brotherhood of Yamaha Scorpio Chapter Banda Aceh. It was so fun, meet with them were very friendly.

Next day, it was time to cross to the island of Weh, Sabang, the ultimate goal of this trip, the place which is often targeted by many bikers in Indonesia.



That is our trip to Sabang, a trip so memorable in my life, do it suddenly, find many obstacles on the way, and it was all we've been through in the end. This is a video of our amazing touring to Sabang. Check this out! :)


It was amazing tour, brother :)

It was. You should be come in with us next touring :)

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