Steemlog 5 : first day in USA

in #travel4 years ago

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Hi my steemit friends you miss me.
After long hours of flights I am in the place where I dream of traveling Los Angels I gonna stay here for 1 week and I think this week will be full of emotions.
Los ángeles Is the most beautiful city I have ever see.
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For the moment I didn’t do lot except shopping and walks.
Tell me if you know good place to visit

Sorry but I don't have the time right now to write more I have so many things to do but I promise to be forgiven soon
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See you really soon my steemit friends <3


enjoy yourself

OH lucky youuu!!! :-) Enjoy!! I just followed you so If you like my posts please follow me back :-)
Whis you lots of upvotes!! Kisses Nena!