Steemlog 6 : Austin Texas (USA Trip) 😁

in #travel4 years ago (edited)

Hi my steemit friends that was a very longgggg time I haven’t talk to you and you miss me so much ☹️

So here is the first photo I took of the famous 'Beer Can House' 🏡 As you can see here there are ALOT of beer can tops hanging from the house! It is a very unusual sight in Houston, Texas 🇺🇸 definitely worth a visit! And doesn't take you long to look round if your in a rush!
Sooo what I have do this week ? 😁

A lot of things :D
I visited several cities but the one I am going to talk to you now is one of my favorite Hostin Texas.
2 days ago we hired a car a car to go to Hostin Texas. 😁



Abraham Lincoln's head' Houston, Texas 😁


Enjoy your travels and I am now following you in support.

Great shot.I like it.