Back in the early 1970's when I was living in the Kulu Valley below the Rohtang Pass leading to Lahoul & Spiti and on to the Bara-lacha Pass into Ladakh, I badly wanted travel to Leh. After a couple of years trying to get the permission needed to drive by motorcycle into the then military restricted zone, on the day I was set to finally go, I had a motorcycle accident and the trip was off! There is only a small window of opportunity to drive through the Bara-lacha Pass each year, and I had blown it!

Oh I'm sorry to hear that... I have seen several photos of the Bara-lacha pass but never been there... never mind you still can complete your ride anytime your heart desires to! 🙂

Nice pics , especially of the plane ride and mountains. Is there still a lot of fighting going on in Kashmir ?

Thanks :) depends where you are in Kashmir... I don't think there's anything serious going on currently

good post....keep it up

cool, good to have you on steemit

Really amazing and so georgeous how you presented your story

sorry forgot to mention this
Even if the temperature is 8 or 12 degrees during the day, you actually may feel very hot as the sun is very harsh here. You may even get a sunstroke! At 8 degrees celcius!

Hi, nicely told story about this exotic place. I found you on PALnet and wanted to drop by and say hi.
Good luck with your steemit adventure.

@danielsaori thanks a lot!

Such nice place and photos. I like your post.

@shenchensucc thank you! Your comment means a lot to me! 🙂

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Beautiful post. I too posted a few photos from my ladakh visit over the years. Check it here: