Great blog! Maybe you can get a camera or lens for night photography. The stars against the mountains must be amazing.

@ashfreqk got you a $3.52 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
@ashfreqk got you a $3.52 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice! (Image:

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Never heard of this place, but it looks breathtaking. Definitely adding it to the travel bucket list. Thanks for the shots!

This place is in India . If you come to India you should also visit

Thanks Nicholas :)

That lake looks beautiful! And those pictures look great for just being taken on a phone camera. I especially like the second one, so desolate yet so epic. Where is Ladakh? It looks like you are somewhere at a very high elevation.

Ladakh is in the northern part of India.. a part of the Himalayas. Yes, the elevation is very high, the world's highest motorable road is here in Ladakh! :) Glad you like it :)

and Ladakh is a cold desert, that's why it's so desolate as the temperatures are very extreme :) But a great place to visit during summer!

Nice post. Hope to see more these in future. upvoted and followed.

very nice place and very nice photography also. Upvoted.

Wow, such beautiful scenery and seems so serene. I would definitely add this to my travel lists. The pictures are very good.

Hey thanks a lot @lordmok really appreciate it :)

The photos aren't embarrassing at all, don't worry..though, to effectively carry out the most famous titanic pose, you need a boat and a girl with streaming long hair ;)

Great photos..everything is vibrant, clean, and clear..the colours, the water, and pebbles..lovely!

You're a good writer feels like you're sitting here with us, recounting your time at Pangong Lake.

@foodie.warrior I failed big-time. Didn't have a boat or a girl :P And thanks :) Means a lot coming from a really good writer like you.

That's a very nice thing to say! :))

hehe don't worry, next time you board a boat, either bring a girl or ask a random one to stand in front of you, hold her arms out and call you 'Jack'..then you'll get the best titanic shot ever =PP

Yeah right. That, or maybe just a tight slap on my face 😓 LOL 😁

You're realistic..I like you =)

Great post! and awesome pictures :)
Make sure to check some of my previous postings and feel free to share them.
Best wishes ! -@splendorhub

thanks Nora:)

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