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RE: Rocks and Waves: A Trip To Manay, Davao Oriental, Philippines

in #travel2 years ago

Your sure do have great friends, hanging out with them must have been so much fun... The views there are really amazing, I am sure it was worth the long 5hrs drive😃. And yeah, you were able to create beautiful memories together and also remember old ones, its great...Definitely worth it...

Well, you didn't go with your camera but I think your phone did a great job!

Thankfully, you were able to find a great spot to swim, the waves and rocks didn't stop the fun😀


Yeah although the trip was short, it was so fun! About the camera, there must be a misunderstanding. I used my phone only at the time where I got up early and went to the beach...The others are taken with my camera. Haha. Edited now. Sorry it confused you 😂 Thank you!

Hahahah! Its no problem😀, I actually enjoyed the confusion for a while😉 but its still good! Glad you had fun....

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