Trip to a Dog Cafe in Manila

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Photo 30-05-2017, 1 31 37 PM.jpg

My girlfriend and I recently went to a dog cafe in Manila. Just as we entered the cafe, the dogs welcomed us as if we knew each other for a really long time. Below is a picture of how they look like when waiting for people to come in.

Photo 30-05-2017, 1 03 26 PM.jpg

The entrance fee costs around $5 plus they give a complimentary iced tea as well. You can stay inside the cafe for up to one hour, however, I highly suggest to come visit the place during the morning.

When we visited it at around noon time, some of the dogs were just laying down waiting to fall asleep.

Photo 30-05-2017, 1 04 21 PM.jpg

We maximized our stay in the cafe since some of the dogs are really playful. We'll definitely go back when we get the chance. And when we do, I'm gonna take a video and post it here in Steemit so everybody can virtually experience our stay in the dog cafe.

Photo 30-05-2017, 12 41 28 PM.jpg

What's your favorite dog? Let me know in the comments section below. If you like this post, follow me here. :)

Photo 30-05-2017, 1 13 29 PM.jpg


The Dog Café seems a very interested concept. Wondering if something like that can work here in the United States as a way to collect funds for rescue groups. Anyway, waiting here to see some videos of the place.

Yes, I think it can work well with proper marketing. Especially, if the dogs are child-friendly. :) Will post a video as soon as we visit the place. I'm hoping we can visit this month.

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