Off Leash Adventures: Camping At Holcomb Valley - Sydney's Trail Life Debut

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Hi Everyone,
What a beautiful weekend we just had. It got a little hot here in SoCal, so we headed off to Holcomb Valley, near Big Bear Lake, for a cooler, more relaxed weekend of camping, hiking and off road fun!

syd (2).jpg

It's become a tradition of sorts, that once @cusbgeochem1 fixes my Suzuki, that we take it off for a test drive at Holcomb Valley. Its not to far away, and a tow truck can get you home in just over an hour (as we found out when we brought my Samurai here, and his brake gave out on us), so as I'd been driving Sydney, my Sidekick, for a couple of weeks now, it was time to test her 4 wheel drive out by heading over to our favorite camping spot there, over looking the valley:

our view (2).jpg

Buddy and Happy were very excited to hop in Sydney, as it has been a while since we last went camping anywhere:

dogs in car (2).jpg

Our friend Ron was joining us, whom Happy adores, so she was even more excited now she knew he was with us.
Here she is looking adoringly at him while we set up camp:

haps begging food (2).jpg

We drove up the mountain road, turned left at the sign for 'Fawnskin' and drove through the trail loop; which take you past Wilbur's Grave, straight to our camping spot, and started to set up:

close up of camp (2).jpg

I set up our tent:

tent (2).jpg

and our seating area, as well as the 'Dog Thrown':

throwns (2).jpg

@csusbgeochem1 had pinched a nerve in his neck that morning, so he took some muscle relaxing pills and got in our tent to take a nap, hoping his neck wouldn't be as stiff and painful when he woke up.

larry in tent (2).jpg

I knew I had a couple of hours to wait for him to wake up, so me and Ron sat down to relax with some music and just enjoy the view in front of us:

view from chair (2).jpg

The dogs enjoyed being in the cool air and sun; Buddy is a sun god, always bathing in the suns rays:
sun god (2).jpg

While Happy likes to dig a small hole for herself to lay in:

happyyy (2).jpg

After a couple of hours of relaxing, I got fidgety. I can only sit for so long before I have to get up and move around, mainly as I want to see all this beauty nature has created here. So I decided to go for a little hike to check out my surroundings, the dogs wanted to join me:

dogs roam (2).jpg

This area is so beautiful to be hiking in:

panno hking (2).jpg

We followed the skyline upwards:

hiking 4 (2).jpg

and along:

looking up walking (2).jpg

We found a variety of plants:

plants (2).jpg

As well as flowers of both yellow:

flower (2).jpg

green buds, waiting to open...maybe this will be a yellow flower to:

green flower (2).jpg

and white:

white flower (2).jpg

As well as small cacti:

cactus (2).jpg

And there are pinecones as far as the eye could see!

pine cones (2).jpg

I love this area as it reminds me of Yosemite's landscape; the big stone boulders and pine trees:

raoming 2 (2).jpg

We roamed this area of boulders for a while:

roaming 3 (2).jpg

Happy running around in front as always:

haps roaming (2).jpg

She truly loves being off leash and having an adventure:

action pose (2).jpg

I just love how the boulders seem to grow out the ground:

walking (2).jpg

We had been hiking around for approximately an hour, so we started heading back to our camp:

good walking 2 (2).jpg

Taking in the beauty as we walked:

good walking (2).jpg

Finally camp was within eye sight:

camp (2).jpg

Not that Happy wanted to go back just yet:

haps hiking (2).jpg

So we allowed her to roam around the boulders at the back of our camping area:

hiking (2).jpg

She went all over here:

haps hiking1 (2).jpg

and here:

hiking 3 (2).jpg

and even here:

hiking 2 (2).jpg

Once the sun started to go down, the temp dropped and Buddy started to get cold. First he asked for his jumper to be put on. I'm not joking; he waits till you put a jumper on and comes up right in front of you and stands there staring you in the eye. So I'm used to this now and walk over to grab his jumper. Bud will walk right over to you when his jumper is in hand, with his tail wagging! He then got up on his thrown so he could be tucked in for another nap....well he had been hiking.

bud in his thrown (2).jpg

Happy was now back at camp, she must have had a lot of fun...judging by how dirty she now was:

dirty girl (2).jpg

Now it was time for dinner and star gazing before watching a movie (got to love it when your friend has wifi signal and his laptop to stream a movie on when camping). The sunset didn't last long, only a few minuets, but it was very colorful:

sunset (2).jpg

After getting a great nights sleep in the tent, we all got up to a beautiful morning:

morning (2).jpg

and while the boys cooked breakfast, I walked the dogs for a potty break and stretch:

bud walking (2) morning.jpg

The dogs kept their jumper/jackets on, as it was still a little cool out.

haps following (2) morning.jpg

Buddy isn't as agile as Happy and sometimes finds it hard to follow her:

Bud bud (2) morning.jpg

But when taking this photo of Buddy I noticed the color of the moss on the boulders:

moss (2).jpg

Greens, purples, even a hint of blue in there!

As we walked we found a section with cut down trees:

trunk (2).jpg

I found it interesting how this stump was hollowed out:

hollow trunk (2).jpg

While this one was chipped away at:

wood (2).jpg

Once we got back to camp, the boys had decided to test out Syd's 4 wheel drive on one of the trails here. So we packed up and headed off for a trail ride!

lets go driving (2).jpg

First we went right out of our camp and followed the trail, till it ended here:

syd looking cool (2).jpg

With this obstacle at the end which @csusbgeochem1 wanted to take Syd up, but I said no as she is my daily drive, and my Samurai is supposed to be the Weekend Warrior:

happy running  (2).jpg

As you can see Happy was enjoying herself running up and down it.
Sydney My Sidekick is a trail blazer, but not a rock crawler. Time to upgrade Norman's suspension (My Suzuki Samurai) and come back to here.
We said how if this area had some flat land, it would be an awesome campsite. It even had a cool fire pit:

fire ring (2).jpg

I really liked this tree, it looked like it was supposed to be growing here, like it was planted with a purpose:

tree (2).jpg

There was also this beautiful yellow tree that was very full and colorful:

yellow tree (2).jpg

Close up on the yellow flowers:
yellow (2).jpg

After hanging out here for a little while we decided to go hit a longer trail in the area. So back down this trail we went:

trail back on sunday (2).jpg

Buddy was enjoying the big windows in Syd, as he can have his head out of these ones:

bud head out window (2).jpg

We followed the trail to the split, where we got out to chill, and watched a Jeep convoy drive past...wonder what they think when they see my Sidekick sitting at the trail head?

syd in front trail 2 (2).jpg

The first trail from here was a black diamond trail, so we couldn't go down it:

sign 1 (2).jpg

trail 1 (2).jpg

And the second trail was also a hard trail:

sign 2 (2).jpg

trail 2 (2).jpg

This was the trail we came up:

happy trail we came (2).jpg

our trail (2).jpg

Happy still running around:

haps (2).jpg

While Buddy chilled by the cars, watching the Jeeps go past:

Bud at camp (2).jpg

It was just as beautiful here as where we camped, so it was nice to just hang out for a while before we took the trail back to the Valley to go home:

surroundings (2).jpg

Now I need to upgrade my vehicles so next time we can take one of these trails and see where it leads, and how hard a Black Run is.
Can't leave it to the Jeeps, I need to represent the Suzuki's!

as far as we go (2).jpg

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All photographs were taken by @beckymeep using an Android phone.

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Thank you very much!
I will be using the #travelfeed more :)

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Sweeeeeet!!! I didn't know that's how @curie can find my post.
Thanks again!

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Thank you @menoski. I haven't actually tried discord yet, but you are the 4th person to tell me to get on it and find them.....I'm going to have to check it out now :)

Your dogs always look like they are having a great time!

Thanks, I always hope they have as much fun as me when we are out. And its because of them I go out so much, nothing better than seeing their happy faces running around free!

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