Off Leash Adventures: Road Trip From California To Oregon Part 1; Walker Lake, The Drive, And Camping On The Beach!

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Hi Everyone!

What a week we’ve had on our annual road trip to Oregon. As we were on the road and camping all but 1 night, I was unable to post on here, but don’t worry, as now I can tell you the cool details of our trip in a 2-part edition of Off Leash Adventures!

This photo of Buddy always makes me laugh, he is such a funny dog!

Myself and @csusbgeochem1 started off on our journey Friday night. I’d got out of work a little early so we had time to pack up the truck (Sydney, My Suzuki Sidekick) and hit the road before the traffic got bad on the 15 or 395. It was also the first time we’d be using the car topper I’d brought for extra storage on longer journeys such as this. It was a bargain I picked up from Offer Up for $20. I then seam sealed it and used a waterproof spray on it for extra protection from the elements. It states its Water resistant, but Oregon can get bad rain, so I wanted to make it as waterproof as possible.

We drove while watching the sunset over the desert:

start drive (2).jpg

And got to Walker Lake about 11pm. I love Walker Lake! It honesty is my peaceful place. As soon as we hit the dirt road that leads us to our camping spot there, I feel a blanket of relaxation fall over me. But who wouldn’t be relaxed and peaceful here:


We’d brought dinner as we drove for ease and quickness. So, we just quickly set up camp and got to bed.
Not a bad morning view:

camp at walker (2).jpg

Buddy had been here before with us, but Happy hadn’t and wanted to explore, and run as fast as she could around:

happy at walker (3).jpg

As with most mornings here, a deer came walking by as we drank tea and coffee at camp:

deer (2).jpg

Happy had never seen a deer before, I don't think she knew what to make of it:

haps watching deer (2).jpg

I took the dogs for a walk through the trees to the clearing, as we had a long drive ahead of us:

walk in morning (2).jpg

It’s so beautiful here:

shot without dogs (2).jpg

Can you spot the 2 photo bombers though LOL:

dogs photobomb (2).jpg

Buddy was very interested in this fallen tree:

bud exploring (2).jpg

Which made me notice this interesting knot:

tree not (2).jpg
It looks like a dripping heart on its side.

We walked back to pack up and get on the road as we needed to be in Oregon by nightfall, still taking in the breath-taking beauty here:

good walk (2).jpg

And we hit the road once more:

drive out (2).jpg

The mountains had fresh snow on the tops as we drove away:

mountains (2).jpg

We started out driving in the sunshine with blue sky’s:

2. sun drive (2).jpg

And went past a company that has Rainbow Trucks!

9. rainbow trucks (2).jpg

Trucks of every bright color!

9. rainbow trucks 2.jpg

Then we hit clouds:

2. cloudy drive (2).jpg

Then we hit Shasta:

2. shasta (2).jpg

Then we hit rain, good job I waterproofed the storage bag on the roof!

2. rain drive (2).jpg

Once we got further in to Oregon the weather improved again:

2. long drive (2).jpg

Buddy was enjoying having his head out the window, and I managed to get these action shots of him, and his cheek in full motion LOL:

2. bud 1.jpg

2. bud 2.jpg

2. bud 3 (2).jpg

2. bud 4.jpg

We managed to get all the way to Seven Devils, our camp location for the night as the sunset. I mean who doesn't love camping on a beach!

2. beach cloudy (2).jpg

We were tired but needed to set up camp, while the dogs ran around after being in the car all day:

2. cloudy unpack (2).jpg

And when camping on a beach you get to have a camp fire, something us Californian's don't get to experience back home due to fire restrictions:

2. camp fire.jpg

There is something about the ocean air that means you sleep so well all night long! And wake up to this view:

3. morning view (2).jpg

As it was Happy’s first time on the beach I walked her down to the shore line, as we had the whole beach to ourselves:

3. beach walk (2).jpg

Looking back at our camp. Buddy saying “Momma, wait for me!”:

3. camp (2).jpg

I told the dogs they could go to the waves:

3. doggies (2).jpg

Obviously not fans of the cold-water temps:

3. fun in water (2).jpg

But Buddy likes being on the beach:

3. bud water (2).jpg

As we needed to pack up camp and move on to our next location I told the dogs to play to get some energy out:

3. camping (2).jpg

They ran around:

3. dogs explore (2).jpg

And up and over:

3. running (2).jpg

And everywhere they could:

3. haps running (2).jpg

Happy also seems to like being on the beach. Here she is watching the waves roll in:

3. happy!!.jpg

Now we were in Oregon we didn’t have a lot of driving to do each day, and could enjoy our time here instead. So, we left the beach and headed over to the Recreational Sand Dunes for some off road fun, before checking in to our Yurt for the night!
To be continued in Part 2…….

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All photographs are the property of @beckymeep, taken with a ZTE Blade Spark Android phone.

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LOVED the photos. The picture of Buddy with his nose out the window is awesome!

Thanks. If I need to laugh I look at that photo hahaha

You are giving your doggies great adventure filled lives. I love it!

Thanks. We try to give them and us the best life we can; discover and explore new places and gain experiences from each stop :)

Hiya, just swinging by to let you know that this post made the Honorable Mentions list in our Daily Travel Digest!

Thank You!!

A jowl-flapping good time! Really gorgeous photography

Thank you.
It is now my go to picture when I need to smile or laugh!

This post was chosen to be featured in this weeks SoCal Spotlight!! Thank you so much for being part of the #socalsteemit community.


Thank you! Always an honor to be spotlighted

That looks like such a fun trip!!!

It really was, I haven't had the time to write the second part yet. I have awesome photos from our day on the sand dunes!

looking forward to it!!

I died at the photo of your dog with his face out the window!!! hahahahahha

You have no idea how much we laughed at it!!

The dogs def keep life entertaining, even a 9hr car journey LOL

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