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Hi Everyone!

Ever wonder what its like inside a Pop Up Tent Trailer? Let me take you on a tour round mine and show you all the secret treasures the previous owners left in there for me to find.


This is 'Little Al' my Pop Up Tent Trailer.

I brought this about 6 months ago, so we are able to go on trips further away and be more comfortable. After a number of rainy camps, and waking up in a puddle that's appeared in the bottom of the tent overnight, I thought "There has to be a better way".
And I found it!
I didn't want a caravan or RV, as I love camping; the fresh air and sounds and smells of nature around you, and I didn't want to give that up for comfort. So a hybrid of a tent and caravan seemed ideal.

We decided to open it up on the drive one weekend to check the inside out and test sleeping in there for a night. When I brought it, the previous owners had given me an electric portable ice machine! Apparently its the 'new in thing' for campers in 2018. And there was me, thinking I'd upgraded by not sleeping on the ground! HaHaHaHa! They had also told me they had left me some surprises inside it, but I had to wait to find out what these 'surprises' were.

Please, come on inside:


On entering you first noticed the folding surface that houses the stove and sink, as its in front of you:


Now even when its raining or gale force winds outside, we can cook a nice meal inside and easily clean up after it.
The sink has a 5 gallon water tank attached which is located under the beach seats:


And the power converter also under the seats, with outlets for use:


The previous owner had added new hoses for Potable water and waste water, as well as the exterior hook up hose:


He had started a project to swap the sink from a pump system to use an electric pump, which I will be completing so we have running water by turning a switch, instead of pumping the handle up and down a hundred times!

While going through these 'kitchen' cupboards I also found some useful items; like a dry-rack, dustpan and brush set and cleaning sponges etc:


They'd even left the pop up tent, they'd used as a bathroom. They told me if I brought a flushing port-a-potty I could house it in this green pop up 6ft tall tent, and like them, have my own personal toilet block while camping:


Although the model came with an ice box/fridge, which is standard in these:


It isn't electric, and works as a cooler would. Better than nothing, but the previous owners left me their small electric refrigerator that fit quiet well on top of the cupboard by the door:


Well, whats inside the cupboard it sits on?


Inside was an electric covered hot plate, some throw away plates and utensil's, napkins, oven gloves and other small kitchen items.

The whole interior had curtains already installed for privacy, making it very cosey inside!:


even the dogs liked being inside and comfortable:


So comfortable it wasn't long before they were fast sleep:


A trick from the previous owners is to use the pool noodles (they had left inside) on the sides of the pull out bunks/beds to eliminate any drafts while sleeping:


These really did work wonders! If you have a PUP of your own, try it yourself as these are cheap and they do work.

So what is under the other beach seat?


I only found a microwave! a Toaster! as well as waterproof tarps and some more kitchen supplies. What a score!!

So now we'd found the hidden treasures, it was time to set up for our first night in there. As the dogs had claimed the one bunk, we moved our belongings over the the other bunk and set up the table to watch a film on the portable DVD player on:


The table folds down to store inside when the PUP is not in use:


Here is @cusbgeochem1 relaxing, watching a film inside:


I slept very well that night in the PUP, so did the dogs! And I still felt as relaxed in the morning; while sipping my cup of tea, sitting on the bench seats. Hearing the breeze and birds outside, just the same as if I'd really gone camping. Now we can't wait to get my Suzuki Sidekick upgraded to tow Little Al for the Maiden Voyage!


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All photographs are the property of @beckymeep.


So happy for your purchase of an adorable home away from home! What an amazing score!

Thanks, took me over a month to find the right one (needed one that was as light as possible) but couldn't believe the PO's left so much stuff in there for me! So nice of them! I forgot to mention the solar shower included and 2 fold away chairs.

We need a SoCal Camp! :)

I would love a steem camp! It is wildflower season

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Thank you so much for being part of the #socalsteemit community.

Thanks for spotlighting me! :)

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