A Different Twist On Backpackers Accommodation - Sleeping On A Seacliff!

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Last July I spent a month hitchhiking around Scotland. I stayed in backpackers accommodation probably once per week, but the rest of the time I camped out in whatever nice spots I could find. As you would expect, I slept in loads of incredible places.

The image below shows one of my favourites!

I hiked a few kilometers to get to this spot, which was near a small town in North West Scotland (I can't remember the exact name of the town). When I got there, I was amazed at the coastline. I climbed around a little, did some fishing, and then discovered that I could actually squeeze myself into a little cave halfway up the cliff face.

So what did I do next?

I climbed up with my camping gear and made myself at home there of course! Putting my heavy backpack between me and the edge of the cliff cut out any risk of me rolling off in my sleep, and I actually found it to be pretty cosy up there.

Where is the craziest place you have slept?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Cheers from the land down under!


The west coast is a beautiful place to wildcamp, must have been chilly that close to the ocean though!

I think by that time I had got used to it. The worst night was when I accidentally pitched my tent too close to a stream and woke up laying in water!

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Hi mate 👋

You had an amazing experience there and sleeping there inside like up handing must had been thrilling also because it was by the sea shore.

I'm really jelous of your experience mate 😄

I wish I could've enjoyed that too.

I see the climbing part must had been challenging, it would be for me because it has been a while I haven't tried out my skills on that.

Really interested to know what kind of fishing you did there and what kind of fishes you got to catch?
Really interested to about that.

The craziest place I've slept which is can think of now is on grass on a very heavy rainy day yes and oh boy I can't express the experience I had, the sky was truly amazing how it set the athmosphere with the yellow blooming shimmering sunlight ⛅ and as the rain was fall on the grass it seemed like it was raining crystals and breaking into pieces as it touched the ground.

And the best part was the bright contrasty rainbow it made. Once in a life experience.

Thanks again
Cheers Mate 🍻

Holy ****! Thats amazing!
But turn around to do a small fart and you fall like 6 metres down. 😅

All jokes aside, great picture and great adventure! upvoted!

it looks awesome u had a great time mate

nice post again

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