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RE: Travel Blog #7 by @MikeTravels: Hiking Chisor Mountain & the surrounding ruins of Cambodia

in #travel4 years ago

I see you've been making some good travel posts @miketravels. As one of the editors for @steemitworldmap’s daily #traveldigest, I would love to see them pop up on If you're interested, simply go to the website, search for your location, click on code (down the bottom) and add a short description. It will then generate the code you need to copy and paste into your post (not the comments) to have it show up on steemit worldmap. There’s also a FAQ section if you get a bit lost.
You can find out about the project here:


Awesome! Thank you so much. I'd be interested for sure. I'm going to read your FAQ section and learn more about it. I'm new on steemit, and still learning the ropes. :)

Cool. Yeah, there's a lot to learn here, that's for sure.

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