Hiking the coast of Texas

in #travel2 years ago

My travels are always great and full of excitement, but I really enjoy the beach.
Rain Drop loves to be on the beach as much as I do, if not more.
We have been hiking rather slow and taking it easy for a while before we run out of sandy beaches to walk on.
Texas is a very big state and I am guessing that we can burn off the winter along the southern coastline and make our way into New Mexico at some point in the early spring.
Until then.....just loving life.


Good Evening, I have resteemed your post with the Newbie Resteem account . We are a non profit group of volunteers on the Steem block chain who support content creators by promoting their work and posts. Another really cool post, I cannot tell if Raindrop is telling the other dog to 'go away' or is simply being friendly but its a great picture none the less, as are the others.