My Trip to Negril, Jamaica is Booked --> June 26th - July 4th, 2020

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As many of you are probably aware, JAHMfest is being held in Negril, Jamaica from June 26 through the 28th. This is the first year the event will be held, but it definitely will not be the last. JAHMfest is now on the national reggae events calendar as a yearly event to take place in Negril. The first year will act as a trendsetter for years to come just as Jamaica is a trendsetter for much of the Caribbean region.

This event is the teams primary focus at this point as the calendar continues to move closer and closer to the coveted event dates. If you haven't heard anything about JAHMfest or even simply ReggaeSteem for that matter, I will drop a ton of useful links at the bottom of this post for your viewing pleasures.

I am very excited to be back in Jamaica. This will be my seventh time to the island. Every time I have been, I have traveled to Negril, so I am very familiar with the area, the people, the culture and their traditions. What I am mostly looking forward to is meeting some of you guys. I obviously am very excited to meet the ReggaeSteem core team, but I am also extremely excited to see some everyday ReggaeSteemers that are quite prevalent here on the feed.

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No I am not staying in "Mo Bay" for those of you wondering... you have to fly into Mo-bay to get to Negril

There are definitely some interested folks from what I have heard. Even if you can't make the event, be sure to tune in as there will be a ton of info. from the event to stay up to date on.

Here is a brief introductory summary of the event:

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Day 1 - Welcome to Negril (Friday 26th)

Day 2 Seminar Day (Saturday, 27th)

  • Breakfast + Breakfast Bar 7am

  • Expo and Booths Open 10am

  • MiYard Catered Brunch in bar area, main deck 11am

  • ReggaeSteem/Steem Motivational Speakers/Speeches 1pm

  • Open Slots

  • Food on Sale 5pm Until + DJ

  • Live Drumming and Dancers 7pm

  • Live Reggae Band 7:30pm

  • Featured Artist 9pm
    DJ Closes out

Day 3 JAHM Session Day (Sunday 28th)

  • Breakfast 7am
    Open Slots (more Steem talks)

  • Open Brunch/Lunch Slot

  • Depart for Booby Kay 2pm

  • Jahm Session and Private Party w/ hors d'oeuvres 3pm

  • Flying Lantern Grand Finale 6:00pm

  • Depart Island at 6:30pm

  • Open Dinner Slot (maybe recommended spots)

This high caliber event will specifically showcase what blockchain technology can offer Jamaica and also exhibit how ReggaeSteem and the Steem blockchain revolutionizes the local tourism industry— making Jamaica a leader in crypto-tourism while empowering local businesses by offering them an early opportunity to benefit from this next generation technology.

JAHMfest will also provide a stage for blockchain companies to network directly with local business owners and parties interested in cryptocurrencies and/or blockchain technology. As a result, ReggaeSteem can provide a unique experience that leverages its logistics and the global reggae culture abound.

I will be attending the event (26-28th) and then staying an extra 5 days to soak up as much of the Caribbean sun as possible. I booked accommodations at Xtabi, a world famous place located on the West End of Negril, Jamaica.

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JAHMfest tickets on LeoShop Discord

JAHMfest source

Thrillertours Transportation

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Nice!!! Time to chill after the fest and soak up the sun.
Been watching the prices myself and..... the virus . Don’t want them quarantine in Jamaica 😅

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Yessir, looking forward. Make sure you got your mask on at all times over there... very close quarters. Was thinking about super and I's time there and was recalling the trains being packed like sardines. One guy sick would be a public health disaster

respeck bro

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👀 Noice... just seeing this and it made my weekend! Can’t wait, you’re gonna be right down the road at XTabi,,, great choice 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 DM me if you guys want a (free) pickup at the airport by me or Andy from @thrillertours

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yessir, pretty stoked!!! I did actually cancel the xtabi reservations bc I was gonna hit you up and see if you knew of any places I could crash potentially. Im tryna save as much cash as i can. Xtabi wasn't the healthiest for my pocket ...

and yeah i definitely will need a pick up at Mo Bay fir sure

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Bro give me call when you can, lets figure it out asap... save a few bucks and get your stay out of the way

Flying in the day of and staying after to get back for the 4fh if July. Love the spirit! Staying after is your best bet to network with locals as they won't be so busy prepping for the fest😎

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yessir, it's a done deal. ready to JAHM it up :-)

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