Visit Cloud Beauty place of Bandarban

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Who does not like blue sky. But if the sky is seen very close to the green nature of earth, then there is no word. If you want to see the sky in green, then you must come to 'Nilachal'. Where nature comes very close, it can be enjoyed.
Near the 2,000 feet high hill station near the city of Bandarban, the Nilachal tourist center.

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About 5 km from the city is a huge creation of beautiful beauty, which is located in Tiger Para area. All the high hills, gorgeous rivers or green trees are all glowing around. From here on, the entire Bandarban city is seen. It is a pleasant atmosphere to watch sunrise or sunset. So many people compare the mountainous scenes of Nilachal with the heavenly view. Because these enchanting scenes create a truly divine feeling. Especially in the rainy season, the touch of clouds in this place will enchant your mind. The environment around the winter is covered with fog. The tribal people can witness the way to Nilachal.


How to go:

Nilchal, situated just 5 km away from Bandarban city, So you can rent a jeep from a city or a car. Chander's gaari is mainly to be booked. Up to 1500-2000 taka will cost.


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WoW it must be a wonderful place. Amazing pics. :-)

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