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RE: Off Leash Adventures: Pup's In Truck's; Episode Two - Finding The Three Eyed Alien Under The Railway Bridge

in #travel4 years ago

It's always so nice to find a year round creek running around here. Cajon Junction is a nice place to explore. I have hiked the pct most of the way to silverwood from there, and just a couple of miles of Bluecut. Before the recent firenado it was pretty lush all over. Sometime I want to check out Lost Lake. However, it is notorious for having shady shit go down by that lake. Anyway, I really enjoyed your tour here!


Yep its a fun place to go to with the pups!
And yes Larry told me about what ALL THOSE cars are doing parked in the parking area for Lost Lake, in England we refer to that as 'Dogging'

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