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RE: Universal Studios Orlando Cabana Bay Beach Resort!

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Glad to hear you got a break from is exhausting and can really wear a person down. That sucks it was so cold (it's freezing where I live, ugh) but I'm glad to hear you still enjoyed your time off.

I know so many people who are between age 25-45 who are working themselves to death at their jobs and in their home lives with the constant menial tasks. It's an epidemic (I'm convinced).

I'm 4 days in the process of mentally healing from a 3 month overtime binge at work the details of which I won't go into. I'm starting to feel somewhat normal again...I think. I almost forgot what normal feels like.

Taking a break from everything is absolutely crucial to maintaining one's physical and mental health. If you don't maintain those 2 things, it's really hard to function from day to day.

I hope you and your family have a great holiday week.


@cryptokeppr THIS. All of this. It is so true. We could all benefit (and those around us would also benefit) from taking some more time for ourselves.