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Hello! Today I would like to talk about my second trip to the Machitasgon gorge. After an interesting [ascent to the spring Surenate](, became an issue - where to now? An announcement from ["Mysterious Uzbekistan"]( was the answer on my question - again in Machitasgon gorge! I was there already a year ago and a couple of weeks ago I even wrote about it [whole post]( I liked this location and I wanted to return there again. Actually a route was although 20 km long, in fact it was not very difficult.

As I already mentioned, quarantine restrictions have not yet been cancelled and there is still a ban on traveling on buses. Therefore, the organizers again hired cars and we set off on a small convoy.

Uzbekistan is divided into three types of quarantine zones: green, yellow and red. In the green zone people can move on their own cars without any problems at any time of the day. In yellow zones, the free movement of cars without a special permit sticker is possible only from 06-00 o’clock till 22-00. In red zones, only emergency vehicles, delivery services and vehicles that have received special permits are allowed to drive and everyone else must stay at home. Tashkent is included in the yellow zone and so now we leave for the mountains no earlier than 06:30 in the morning. To my great joy.

This time the group gathered quite large - 18 people. We plunged into cars and set off. Mountains grew in the morning haze and after a couple of hours we arrived at the village of Nanai.

We crossed the narrow bridge over the river and stopped near the starting point of our hike on the outskirts of a holiday village.

As soon as we started our hike our old friend jumped out of the bushes, wagging her tail. It was a black and white dog that went with us the entire route last year. However, she only sniffed at us, received her share of the treats and remained in the village. Either she was bored with hiking or she decided that we ourselves would be able to cope without it, I don’t know.

In the meantime, we headed up a well-trodden path along the picturesque Machitasgon-Say.

Soon climbed a large plateau. There is still spring - everything blooms and the grass did not have time to dry out.

After the plateau needed we went down to the river.

A flimsy bridge was thrown across it, which was constantly swinging. But based on last year’s experience, I knew that it was a completely reliable design.

We crossed to the other side and walked on to a cool and shady walnut grove.

On the way we came across small herds of horses.

On the way we came across small fences with gates. As I understand it, the whole territory is divided between farms and these fences have been established so that cattle do not move from one site to another. The guide warned the closing tourist to close the gate behind him.

After some time, a stone mound of hefty boulders blocked our path. We can’t get around them, so we had to climb and jump from stone to stone.

But after this embankment, we had a wonderful view of the Machitasgon gorge.

We went to the finish line. Frankly speaking, I thought that we would reach the foot of the mountain, which is located in the center of the photo, and turn right. [Last time]( we did so - and then the most restless for almost an hour and a half climbed up this gorge to the snowfield. However, this time there were no people who wanted to go there (besides me) so we made a halt at the foot of the mountain and did not go anywhere else.

But it’s a pity - there eremurus (desert-candle) bloom up there and in general it is very beautiful.

But nothing can be done, I can’t keep up from the group. We settled down to rest, took out food and proceeded to lunch. The sun had already begun to bake and the main part of the group hid in the shade at the side of the mountain.

The guide and I settled down near the stream, took off our shoes and lowered our tired legs into the icy water. The legs ached instantly from the cold and for more than a few seconds it was impossible to keep them in the water. But it was an instant charge of vigor :).

I sat right on the banks of the stream, chewing on my lunch and admiring the surroundings. On the advice of the guide, I put a bottle of water and Coca-Cola in the stream. After about ten minutes, both the water and the cola became very cold. Ideal in such heat. In general, I rarely drink Coca-Cola in the city but in the mountains, especially after the campaign, it seems to be just the nectar of the gods :). I console myself with the fact that I have burned enough calories and can afford a bottle of this sweet muck.

After lunch, we fell apart in the shade of a tree and took a little nap. However, white and fluffy clouds began to quickly turn into dark thunderclouds. Therefore, we decided not to sit back and go back. It's funny that during the last trip we also came under the rain - in the mountains clear weather can go bad in the blink of an eye.

And so it happened. On the way back we were hit by a downpour and we had to wait out the rain under the trees. The temperature dropped noticeably and steam went out of my mouth.

On the way back, waiting for cars, we ran to a small waterfall.

Finally, we booted into the car and set off on the return trip. Having already left on the road leading to Tashkent, I saw a huge black cloud approaching the mountains. Surely there was a heavy downpour.

I really liked this trip and I look forward to the next weekend for another outing into the mountains. "Mysterious Uzbekistan" promises either a trip to the waterfalls or a visit to an abandoned tunnel on Greater Chimgan. Wait and see.

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