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RE: Split Old Town - CROATIA for Honeymoon

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Congratulations coach Ben for his wedding, I have never been to Croatia but if some day I would love to go, it has always struck me to visit the island of Solta. The photos look great. Very romantic, how beautiful is love.


Thanks @darlenys01, lovely to hear from you. I've never heard of that island, where is it?

In Croatia, coach Ben, you should think about going. The Central Dalmatian archipelago hosts numerous islands, among them is Solta, very close to the Island of Brac, and the city of Split, both places separated by the channel of the same name .

The ferries arrive a couple of times a day from Split, so it becomes a must if you stay in Split...

I must have gone past it at some point! We went on a whole day boat tour, past many islands including Brac so perhaps we saw it. I'll make a post about my island excursions soon :)