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RE: EuroVelo 7 - Kralupy nad Vltavou to Usti nad Labem 105 km

in #travel2 years ago

Now we know that you have a family :) It's the first time that you mentioned them. Would your son be able to cope with such distances?

I have never been to any concentration camps even though I had many opportunities but I would not be able to cope with all the horrible things that happened there...

It looks like the weather was treating you very well again and that you enjoyed Czech Republic. So funny that you visited so many places on the way that I kept ignoring when I lived there. Shame on me :)

I hope you're doing well :)


When I'll take them on EuroVelo I'll make sure to be enjoyable for everybody but they should try it at least once. This should be like an active family vacation but then I'll need to come back alone for more advanced bike touring and push further with EuroVelo 7. Glad you discovered some new worth visiting places in my posts as I always do on yours. Still holding my STEEM strong in here :)