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RE: Rocks and Waves: A Trip To Manay, Davao Oriental, Philippines

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What a beautiful place! Never been to Philippines and didn't even know how to picture it. Thank you for bringing this amazing piece of earth to us in Europe without traveling there :) It looks like you had a great time with your friends. You are lucky that it is just a 5 hours drive. For me it would be traveling to the other side of world! :)

Oh, and I love your hair! :) It suits you perfectly.

Thank you for sharing details from your adventure with us and congratulations on the curie vote! Your photos are stunning!


Picture some islands with white sand beaches and coconuts and aqua-blue seas for most parts of the Philippines.. There are also some caves, tunnels, sand dunes, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, etc etc.. We have lots of Maldives-like islands here. :D
You're welcome and thank you!

Sounds like a paradise :) It's just so so so far away.. I always hoped to get to that part of the world but haven't managed yet. BUT I'll get there one day :)