my journey around waterboom while on vacation

in #travel3 years ago

On this occasion I wanted to perpetuate some of the photos I took during my holiday trip today. I am today going on the road to Waterboom


Water Park (or Waterpark), is a form of a water-based leisure vessel leasures utilizing the engineer pattern of engineered water pleasure. On the leatched, waterpark may be interpreted as "a water recreation park or an amusement park that has a water play area, such as water slide water (splash pad), spraygrounds (area of water vibe), a lake river flow (Lazy River), or other recreation baths, swimming, and barefooting neighborhood. Currently even equipped with some kind of surfing environment or artificial bodyboarding such as wave pool / wave pool)


Therefore, along with the development of understanding, socialization of the proper use of words has been held by the international community, the use of the word "waterboom" has been abandoned. Meanwhile, one of the largest waterpark providers in Indonesia is also almost using the word waterboom (maybe at first the determination of the brand name), namurn seems the state patent organizers do not allow it, because the word waterboom (or water boom) is a generic word.


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