Video I created of an adventure in a rural Thai fishing village: Retro wakeboarding, monkeys, mangroves and more

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A few days ago I visited a small fishing village a few hours west of Bangkok. I had an awesome day there exploring the mangrove forests by boat, seeing the monkeys, checking out an oyster farm, eating some amazing seafood, and shredding down the river behind a traditional longtail boat.

These crab-eating macaque monkeys are really cool. They swim, hunt crabs, fish, and just generally have adapted to live at the water's edge. I made this video for my travel site, It's better in Thailand.


It is amazing how the monkeys have adapted to the seafood and the water lifestyle. The place looks fun to explore and riding that make shift wave boarder looks like fun as well.Are there no Bull sharks in the area as it looks ideal for them?

Unfortunately, the Gulf of Thailand is extremely over-fished and it's rare to see even reef sharks outside of protected marine parks. I've never heard of a single shark attack in Thailand in 6 years living here. Never heard of any bull shark sightings around here but there may be some. Thanks for watching!

I don't know what got you the @curie upvote (congratulations by the way :D :D :D :D): the post's title or the actual content itself. Really the question of the day here, wonder if the comments will agree with me and back me up by arguing this point.

To move from sneers and jeers and jokes, let's get on to the small blurb of text! :p I mean, for the fact we do got a video I wasn't expecting much for text other than a mere introduction. So it is appropriately shaped yet jam packed with details that caught me with each new item brought about. And something that would hopefully turn people on instead of turning them off to see a World beyond their town's borders if they so happen to not live in the rural village you found yerself in. So good job on that~

The video itself: top-down shots (bird's eye view) are really lovely and I'm glad yah started the video out with one. And so that's where you were located at, nice village name, truly. Yada, yada, yada on repeating what we learned from the text. MONKEY! That was the best thing I've seen all day (other than some good curated writing posts). Also waterskying on a board (with that shocked monkey face made me shocked as well). Now just look at those cute monkeys in nature and swimming around! So cute! The driver being shown, we need more shots of that; including of the local fishing economy - really helps demystify perceptions of people around the World. Also food porn, me matey - good one. MONKEY again! And then the fail dive at the end, how adorable~

So keep on filming, sharing the World around and happy steeming!

Cheers! Thanks for watching and for the feedback. The surprised monkey is my favorite shot, but obviously he wasn't actually watching us ski ;) ...The magic of cinema

Welcome for the comment! ~^^~
Well I knew that (look at Video Game ads), still wanted to comment that since it was so very well fitting and nicely edited.
Thanks once again for sharing the video!

Fantastic video. Very well done. Better than most movie trailers.
It really sells Thailand as a must-visit destination.
Those monkeys steal the show.
It would be nice to see them get their sea food. I grew up in a town with a couple of rivers that met 2 km from their mouth into the Gulf of Paria, a dark water muddy golf surrounded my mangrove with lots of catfish, blue crabs and even tigers. Not the kind of place you'd walk, swim or eat at.

I think that my people never saw the touristic potential of the place. I see your video and I see what we could have done with that river mouth.

I loved the food section. I love Thai food and the images make it look very appetizing.

wow, that sounds amazing!!

video is on the very high level of production. It is a pleasure to watch this kind of professional, highly advanced footage. Monkeys, surfing and Thai nature, what else does anybody want ? :)
upvoted and followed for more content like this !

That place looks like paradise to me. It's very different from what I have right now. It's exotic and fantastic! The river is a great place to have some fun in the water, not to mention the monkeys running around free.
The food is another matter. I've been to a Thai restaurant in The Hague and got a very spicy dish, although I don't like spicy. Your food looks great.
It was a pleasure watching this video when the outside temperature is 8C right now :)

The oysters are spicy but if you skip the green sauce they're not. The prawns were fried with lots of hot Thai chilis so nothing you can do about that :D I love it though. Thanks for watching!

Oh God, looks like I have to be very careful if I'm going to eat Thai food again :) I know they love spicy food and what is light spicy for them, it's burning for me :D

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