More than 300 years old villages, without a brick or tile

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Coming to the western slope of Changbai Mountain, we found a quiet, simple and quiet ancient village in the deep mountain mangrove. This is Jinjiang Muwu Village.
Alpine jungle about 3 kilometers south of Manjiang Town, Fusong County, Baishan City, Jilin Province. The only well-preserved and inherited Manchu wooden houses n Northeast China.002uMoVXzy7qD2mR98p65&690.jpg
At the entrance of the village, there is a huge square covered with thick snow. A villager was shoveling snow. In winter, the climate of Changbai Mountain has been above minus 20 degrees. Outdoor rivers, lakes and ponds are covered with thick ice. I don't know if this large area is a big pond, but the snow still makes the whole ancient village more dazzling

The whole village is sitting in the north and facing south. It was built on a hill. A Jinjiang River meanders past the village. The hill rises straight behind the village. The mountains on both sides are relatively low, just like a Taishi chair. Such terrain can not only enjoy the sunshine bathed in the sun, but also resist the northwest cold wind behind. From the geomantic omen of ancient China, it is an absolute geomantic treasure.

Wooden walls, wooden doors, wooden tiles, wooden chimneys, wooden fences, wooden stacks. Bricks and tiles could not be seen throughout the village. They were almost made of wood. Blue sky, white snow, yellow cabin smoke, a quiet and peaceful scene. We live in a complex city, where our hearts instantly become calm, as if purified, and it is so simple to suddenly feel happy.


Nice Fascinating,but life will be difficult there

It's a bit remote. It's really inconvenient.

People living in these type of villages will be tough & extraordinary individuals.

However, plastic found its way to the village.