A temple in serenity in Arashiyama, Kyoto..

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Though it was not a sunny, that still gave serene feelings..Kyoto's got a lot of temples worth seeing..






Wonderful place my dear friend.
Your photography is excellent

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Oh dear friend @ernestfung its really nice photography naturally beautiful i love ur post thanks for share @ernestfung

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wonderful place and awesome photography dear friend @ernestfung thank you for sharimg with us, i love your post,thanks for this post,


Really Your photography is unrivaled,,

I love japanese garden

hi dear friend @ernestfung i'm new to your blog, Really your photography is awesome,thank tou for sharing

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travels are increase our knowledge @earnestfung sir thanks for shareing your beautifull moments dear


Knowledge and wisdom go up on travelling

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wow beautiful photograph.. my dear friend @ernestfung..thank you for sharing your post..

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Unbeliveable awsome photography.
Thanks for sharing thos amazing feelings.
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lovely photo....i also love traveling

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Your photos are extraordinary

@ernestfung, Such a outstanding scenery photos indeed. Japan is a most marvelous country forever. Your creativity highly appreciated. Beautiful background here. Huge trees showing their proud. I love most below capture.


The garden is so beautiful indeed. I love it

owo its really beautifull sir @earnestfung thanks for shareing your traveling time

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wow thats like a great photography..
wonderful place..i like this place..
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Thank you. I love your animation

Baeuty Owo really amazing place dear @earnestfung

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Oh!. Very beautiful I'm fall in love with these photography of serenity in Arashiyama.I can't describe beauty by words because it's one type of feeling which every single people have. This picture is better than better. Perfect Click without any doubt. Photography of nature always really impressed.
Capturing nature in all its glory of own creativity. Travel photography is a genre of photography that may involve the documentation of an area's landscape, people, cultures, customs and history. You have a great theoretical knowledge and experience about to make good photography as well as creative perspectives. Your creative perspectives really impressed me. Because without creative perspectives it is not possible to capture this types of glamorous photography.

So kind of you. Impressive

Nice place. I love traveling @ernestfung

Yeah we all like travelling

This tree is really awesome.
Resteem done

I love this tree as well

Waaw a very beautiful tree, what tree is his name? Can it grow besides in Japan ??


Not sure about that. But it seems it takes much efforts on pruning the tree.

very good traveling and awesome photography dear friend @ernestfung thank you for this post

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visting to such kind of places is pretty similar to meditating,,..
i feel human should always be visiting to such places and keep motivating themselves by meditating at such places @ernestfung

Meditating... what a nice description on travelling. Thanks

always welcome buddy..
keep posting more like this @ernestfung

Wow excellent photography and your post is awesome thanks dear to share with us this post @resteemed@ernestfung

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wow very nice place post.

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Really awsome photography it will be more attractive if it is sunny😘😘

Much better if it is sunny. so true


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It's really nice place and trees are looking so good.

The trees are calling and We must go there.......

what a wonderful picture!!

Excellent photography sir. Great post.thanks for sharing your post.

I love to share photos with all of you!


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nice captured.

thanks a lot

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wonderful place & pic .

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Wonderful place my dear friend.
Your photography is excellent
Oh dear friend @ernestfung its really nice photography naturally beautiful i love ur post thanks for share @ernestfung

Wonderful place my dear friend.
Your photography is excellent
Oh dear friend @ernestfung its really nice photography naturally beautiful i love ur post thanks for share @ernestfung

Amazing photography. You are an excellent photography. Thank you so much for sharing.