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Yesterday afternoon, me and @jeffjagoe had the opportunity to visit the new Facebook offices in London. I know someone who works for Facebook, and had an invitation to come and tour the building and see the rooftop views. We had to sign an NDA and you could only take pictures in the public areas, so I don't have many pictures from inside, and we can't reveal all the secrets. Sidenote: we didn't hear anything juicy.

I have no idea how they get any work done in here, it's a fucking playground! They have snack bars, coffee shop, crafting room, music studio, table football, A BAR and sleeping pods! You need some serious will power to not just play around all day, I know I would definitely struggle. I would be drunk on a rooftop terrace, taking naps and eating snacks, all day every day. Btw, their cafeteria food is really good. They eat better at a cafeteria than most of us do at home.

We got to tour most of the building, and damn that place is teched out and very creative. You have maps where you can search for a certain room, or even a person. All of the floors had different themes and the meeting rooms were named after for example, things British people dislike about Britain, like "the weather".

I was of course the most excited about the views from the rooftop terrace, and we had planned the visit perfectly in time for sunset. There is only a teaser picture of that in this post, I need to dedicate a whole post for the views!

We had a lot of fun seeing a little glimpse inside the worlds biggest social media site(s), especially considering that we are all about the decentralised world over here. Definitely an interesting experience and I would probably sell my soul to have a snack bar and a coffee shop next to my work station, not gonna lie.

We did ask about Facebook possibly doing their own cryptocurrency, or starting to use an existing one, but all we got as the standard answer of "no, and even if I knew something about it, I couldn't tell you." Damn it, we tried.








As we came out of the Facebook offices, and back to the street level, we come across this piece of street art, quite ironic for were we just came from, don't you think?


You forgot to mention, that basically all facebook users are paying for these glass palaces, cafeterias, snacks, roof tops with their data and attention. It's a bit like visiting a bank building and being astonished about the quality of the building and the number of employees ;) Have you talked also about Steemit? What was their reaction?

Someone provides a service, you use the service, you pay for said service, it’s business. I know that.

Yeah we talked a little about blockchain, reaction was pretty neutral.

They do not tell people the true cost of the service. Facebook is a government company designed to deceive, track & control the masses. Not sure steemit is any different

It used to be that there was no alternative to that business model -- to build a proper social network you had to have a lot of capital. But you're already using at least two blockchain alternatives to that system, if I'm not mistaken.

Intentionally or not, you're already subverting The Big Social. =D

Facebook is one of the largest dominant virtual companies in the world, I am very addicted to it and also continues to join friends who have had to separate from me because of the situation in my country, Venezuela, either by video call or messages, keeps us in touch always

So, Mordor was actually a lovely.

As to Facebook's own cryptocurrency, it would be centralized. Otherwise it wouldn't be a Facebook cryptocurrency, would it. It might be a bit wasteful to set up a blockchain to maintain a ledger of monetary transactions for a centralized organization unless they were planning to share it with other organizations eventually. Who knows, maybe Facebook will implement a fiat payment system of one kind of another. It would facilitate commerce on Facebook which is a non-negligible use case for it.

Ive worked in environments like that, trust me you dont have the time to enjoy the amenities much ;)

Yep, the amenities are there because you are not supposed to ever leave

Hope it was a very nice visiting and you guys really enjoy it because Facebook and visited things I really make fun and which thing you have visited is also a having fun place so it's really good to be..

I can imagine the liberty one can get working in such office space. These amenities helps building employee morale to work efficiently. Though hardly they enjoy all the services still to give employee an open ensvironment to enjoy and work is the best one company can offer. Btw its alwsys a dream for many to work for FB where many have spent houring in scroling and liking many stuffs.
Crypto and fb..they never gonna spill the beans 😉

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Walking around here was definitely one of the coolest/most interesting parts of the trip. Thanks for the hookup!

Haha no prob! If you take ”hookup” out of this context, it almost sounds dirty!

;) seee ya in a couple months

Did you visit the shadowbanning and censorship department?

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