Photo of the Day ~ Talkeetna Mountains Of Palmer Alaska

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The Vast And Beautiful Talkeetna Mountain Range

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In order to get these shots you have to fly a small plane or co-pilot to a high altitude.

Flying light aircraft up there is most probably as necessary as a drivers license for a motor vehicle everywhere else @exploretraveler

It's the same place, Palmer Alaska? Wonderful.

Hi ... Excuse my ignorance, those mountains are the Alaska? The place is special.

Yes from the Palmer Alaska area.

wwwooowwwwwwww awsomeeeee travel and very very beautifulll pics 😎😎
deligious mountain😎

welcome my friend 😎

Thank you and your photo's of the mountains in Pakistan are really nice.

omg dam its looking super cool :) u take it ur self ?

Yes this is how we do it

wow you r really artist :) upvoted and followed :)

Lovely photo, Alaska is one of the places I still wish to visit, bet there are many photo opportunities there!

No not really unless you want to live off the land only.

Simply amazing!

[email protected], my kind of Art!

Be love!

For sure we love it :-)

very beautiful @exploretraveler ..
views are presented from the top of the towering mountain peaks and panoramic nature combined with pampering each eye of the beholder.
It is an extraordinary painting of the creator

do you always traveling @exploretaveler
i was watched your video.
great !! you have a helicopter to traveling that place
i am a love nature

Yes we are always traveling. Small plane make travel easier.

of course requires a lot of expense to travel always @exploretraveler

So that really depends on how you travel. For example in Alaska we can walk on the ferry and live on deck for very little in a tent. Then you can backpack around islands or glaciers in the summer. Camping can be free or very low cost.

but it looks very solid if it makes a bonfire when we camping

Yes if bear come just give away food 🥘

hehe maybe we will eat by bear

This Is So funny because she made bear very angery

Looking for funny bear video for you now.

Beauty one! I really miss mountains now.

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Woah. Thats such a great photo. Just wondering, what camera was used?

Thanks @rishi556 Sony a6 with Sony Lens SEL55210

Thats nice. I'm thinking of buying a camera soon too. Is that good for recording videos too? Mostly videos of city streets and nature for time lapses.

beautiful photography @exploretraveler . congrats

alaska is the best for traveling right ? @exploretraveler
the good please for people who love nature
and the best pleace for hiking the mountaint

Yes @van14 and if you are okay with camping you can travel on ferry system and camp for very little.

hehe but thst place was far from my country @exploretraveler

Yes is a remote and isolated area of Alaska. Took a small fishing ship and then small plane. But we now have amazing photos and videos to share here.

wonderful @exploretraveler
i will be wait for your videos at next post

What kind of video? Alaska? Or Asia we have so many now.

your video on the next travel

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wonderful @exploretraveler ...
the towering mountain peaks looks beautiful from a distance.

They are so big and majestic.

them is the Sustainer of the universe stands with his stout and mighty.

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Travel to the beautiful mountains, wow. That's great fun, want to be able to visit there, friend.

I will surely chek out the video in youtube tooķ. Your moto to explore places has given justice to many of us. Immensely beautiful mountains. Pleased my eyes 😊

What a beautiful place. Thank you for taking part in your trip,

Thank you for supporting us @arquiatra

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the scenery is very beautiful

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