I just want to visit this house after visiting the mall in Thailand recently! Thai designer brands are here!

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Siam center located between Siam Paragon and Siam Discovery,

Definitely a stop to buy a punch in Bangkok!

The biggest feature of Siam Center is the full range of distinctive Thai designer brands.

Whether it is clothes,

Or bags and accessories,

There are always many treasures at Siam Center!
The Siam Centerr has four floors.

Each floor has its own unique features.

The floor of Thai Mall is very strangely named.

Don't get dizzy!

The first floor (FL.G) focuses on some international brands.
The second floor (FL.M) dominates the fashion chain brand.
The third floor (FL.1, not FL.3...) focuses on Thai designer brands and many small shops.
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The fourth floor (FL.2, not FL.4...) mainly eats, eats, and drinks, and the big food generation is also on this floor.
Follow me now,

Walk in the siam center!

What is worth buying on the first floor of Siam Center?
The first floor of Siam Center is basically a well-known international brand.

For example, Armani Exchange, DKNY JEANS, Adidas, Sephora, Moschino, Victoria’s Secret, etc.

Some prices are cheaper。
Both the left and right UA and AX have discounts all year round.

Very many styles.

AX must visit!

The price is particularly touching when it comes to promotions!

There are many styles,

It is easy to choose a lot of good goods!
Sephora is France's global chain of cosmetics stores.

Many European and American cosmetics are available here.

The focus is on tax refunds,

So the price is very beautiful!

In short, the big make-up is a good place to scan for goods.
Victoria’s Secret’s store in Siam Center is relatively large.

For example, body milk, perfume, ah, are much cheaper than domestic.

However, there is no selling underwear, only underwear...

Many little fairies come here to sweep the goods!

There are often promotions.
Lush is a British beauty brand.

This store is one of Lush’s five flagship stores worldwide!

Many small fairies particularly like the masks and soaps in their homes.
Pull & Bear is the second card of Zara.

It is also a Spanish brand.

It's cheaper than zara,

The positioning is slightly younger.

It is also possible to choose some basic funds.
American style Italian girl brand Brandy Melville,

All of them are simple and dynamic.

Compare the fire in the United States

The clothes are very simple

Better match.
Beawelry is a local designer jewelry brand in Thailand.

A variety of jewelry really modeling is very unique.

Both rings and bracelets can be considered.
On the first floor besides buying, buying and buying,

You can also sit down and have a coffee.

Healing Department of Red Cafe Think Cafe here is one.

It's annoying to sit at the door with a sprouting bear.

All the desserts are very cute!

The signature dessert teddy cake is a red section of the net.

It is a sculptural cake combination of a cute raccoon.
American Fire Ice Cream Brand EMACK AND BOLIO'S,

The cowgirl of the Statue of Liberty is the symbol of their home!

A variety of colorful cones

Used to take pictures is a good prop,

Address here

Siam Center

– Address: 979 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan ,Bangkok 10330, Thailand

– Transportation: Get off at BTS Siam Station

  • Business hours: 10:00 - 22:00


是的 都好有特色 而且美食也很多 泰国真的值得去转转 感觉一年去一次才过瘾