Walking on the Tibetan Plateau

in #travel3 years ago

This morning, I woke up in Kangsu inn.
As if in a dream.
God of the lake Mani and imperial wind of the eagle, the young companions hide in the account of God Hill, the 5300 meters of the mouth of the blessing of the deep blessing and the light and brittle echoes of the stones across the stones, are in the dream. Really, awake in the warm bed of the inn, but the mind is still in the mountains.
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It's a once-a-year dream.
You can whisper in the bonfire, you can dance on the Cheonggye stone, you can catch a tent in the cold wind and quickly hide in the sleeping bag, looking at the star track, you can sing, daze, pull out the heart has been falling dust.
In the holy mountain lake of God, read yourself.
After passing through the winds, the dream has gone all the way through the void.
The yak rings and catches the wind, like a heartbeat.
In seven years, I returned to Lhasa like the first departure. Go to the dream.

Wish, the soft lights in my heart are guarded by the little hands of our children's faces.
A little bit up.
The soft lights are brighter, with wisdom and compassion.
A little warm to the surrounding.
I woke up in the red, and with the breeze in the mountains, with a cautious light, walk a hard road.
Photographs: Chen Kun Chinese famous actor.