Batam, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

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After discussing Bintan Island, this time I will discuss Batam Island. This island, which is close to Singapore, can be used as a tourist spot in Bintan.

Nongsapura Ferry Terminal

Batam is an Indonesian city that although small but full of activity. The population is nearly one million people. The city is known as a link to the production process in the Indonesia-Malaysia-Singapore Growth Triangle.

Batam Island Maps

Located only 20 km from Singapore and 25 km from Johor-Malaysia, Batam is similar to China's Special Economic Zone - a location where the nation's economic designers are testing new economic policies and ideas.


The island is an industrial center consisting of electronic goods factories, a large and growing ship repair industry, and even a larger oil service sector. Because the number of foreign workers working there is quite a lot, there are also many pubs and golf courses available.

Nagiya Hill Hotel Batam

Meanwhile, most tourists who come there come from around Singapore. There are a handful of resorts for families in Batam, as well as nightlife tours, especially on Bintan.


Batam Center

There are many more tourist attractions that can be visited in Batam. Batam consists of several areas that people commonly know by name:


Batam Center



Punggur Lake

On another occasion I will discuss the details of each of these areas


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