Lhok Seudu, Aceh Besar district, Aceh, Indonesia

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The beauty of Indonesia even shows up to the edges. There is Aceh who introduced Lhok Seudu tourist destination with a beachside gazebo that reminds the Maldive coast. So there's no need to go far beyond the country's borders, there are cool goals waiting.


Lhok Seudu is better known as a fishing village in the coastal area. The most identical with this place is a row of seafood sellers ranging from fish to octopus. Most of it has been dried and ready to be taken home as a process. While shopping, you can see the sea in the distance.


Lhok Seudu was also affected by the severe tsunami in 2004. Buildings were destroyed everywhere. Like other regions, Lhok Seudu also rose and now grows into a beautiful tourist area. The blue sea in Lhok Seudu is combined with floating huts on the beach.


If you depart from Banda Aceh, you have to travel 30 km. Take it easy, the road is smooth and wide so it won't feel long. Paths that can be reached pass Keudee Bieng and Lhok Nga. Along the way there are various kinds of tours and culinary places that you can try.


That is the beauty of the charming Lhok Seudu. With the potential as a tourism in Aceh, hopefully in the future this place will get more attention from various parties so that it can be more famous and global.



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Sangat indah sekali objek wisata Lhok seudu, aku baru mendengarnya, terimakasih telah membagi dan mempromosinya.

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Merdeka... Please follow my post on the lombok earthquake. They really need our support.
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