Puncak Lageun, Aceh Jaya, Aceh, Indonesia

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Aceh Jaya with its capital Calang was the worst area when the 2004 tsunami last. At present, Aceh Jaya is starting to open up as a tourist destination. So that not a few tourists visit the existing tourist objects, although the tourism sector is still incomplete facilities and infrastructure such as stable electricity to build this district towards tourist areas.


Along the road to Aceh Jaya from the City of Banda Aceh and the District of West Aceh, there was a stretch of blue sea that was lined with pine trees. There is also a favorite tourist attraction for local tourists, namely Lageun Peak with a deserted island surrounded by blue sea, waves chasing up over the fragile rocks by the waves.


To get to Lageun Peak, from the city of Banda Aceh by road about 4 hours drive, while from Calang City approximately 15 minutes. The location is not so far from the big road and can be seen clearly.


Arriving at the location, you will see a beach with white sand and scattered black stones. Beautiful landscapes pamper the eye to enjoy the view from a small hut. Some seats in this place are specially made on large rocks, so you can freely see the open sea. That is the name Lageun Peak which is located in Setia Bakti District, Aceh Jaya.


In addition, local tourists who travel to Lageun Peak, can enjoy the natural scenery with wind gusts help the eyes to sleep. If you arrive early in the morning until around 10:00 a.m. and if you are lucky don't be surprised to see dolphins swimming in large numbers in Pucak Legeun.


From above this peak is seen an island which according to the local community, the island that is seen is an uninhabited island. If you want to explore the island closer, you are encouraged to look for local guides who have been to the no-man's island. So you can enjoy the beauty of the no-man's island.


Back to the story of the cottage camp at Lageun Peak, you can enjoy young coconut water in this natural tourist attraction by paying a pocket of Rp. 6,000 / piece. While the price of fried / boiled noodles can be reached which is under Rp.10,000 thousand / portion. Likewise, chips and other snacks are also relatively cheap.



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