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RE: Bangkok Day 2: Longboat Ride, Wat Arun, Khao Sahn Rd, and Learning the Scams of Thailand

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I have been in Bangkok for two years now and I have never gone to most of those places. I did get to Wat Arun during Sonkran and walked around a bit. There were so many people that no one bothered me.

I live up by MRT Sutthisan and never have any trouble since no one is on the make here. It is just a quiet neighborhood. If a Thai person talks to me here it is because they are interested. I go to my local market and have no dream of ever visiting Khao Sahn Rd. I'm one of the people who would be ripped off left and right if I ever tried.

In my first month, I went on a long day trip to a floating market somewhere. This was the most expensive day of the whole two years and I bought nothing at all because the taxi and boat ride were much more expensive than promised. I had to use my "hidden" cash to even get on the boat and it was less that the guy wanted. I was glad I had no money left as people came up in boats for the whole long trip trying to sell this and that. You missed nothing.

The only temple I have been to was for a funeral. This is enough for me. I count on photos and posts like this to show me what I am missing. The food looks like the food up here, but there are no tourists, and no one is sitting on the floor eating it :)

One tip I know now is that if anyone does try to talk to you is those tourist places you can stop them easily. Just hold out your hand palm down and wave it back and forth gently as you keep walking. This means "no" here.


Thanks for sharing your experience here in Thailand! Sounds like you've avoided most (except the boat trip) of the traps lol. And thanks so much for the tip!

Just hold out your hand palm down and wave it back and forth gently as you keep walking. This means "no" here.

I'm certainly going to be using this tomorrow. I'm sure I'll need it more than once! :)

lol - glad to help.

btw, I got into a taxi yesterday on the way to extend my Thai Visa. The driver had the meter on but started telling me he needed more money for tolls and a fee for paying them. "Only 200 baht!" There was no reason to even go on the highway from where I was. I got out at the next light and think my 60 baht payment was a steal.

@fitinfun, read your writing I am more and more convinced that experience is the best teacher. you are so familiar with the tour that you visit following the code owned.
the notes are loaded with valuable experience is very useful to be a reference for those who like to travel to places you've ever visited. creative greeting make.

Thank you very much. I am so glad you find my posts interesting and helpful. Thank you for the boost today :)

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