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RE: Eating beetles and bugs in Chiang Mai, Oh My!

in #travel3 years ago

I would like to visit Chiang Mai one day... but I am sure I won't try to eat insect :) You are saying that "You might be surprised how good it tastes" and I really want to believe you but still something inside of me says "Ewww".
By the way I enjoyed with your post. I really.. :) Upvoted, Followed and also... hımmm, yes, resteemed! (Sorry for my followers, if this causes any damage to their eating habits :)
Peace and Hugs from Spain, bro.


LOL - it's not so bad. Some are gross and some are OK. But I still want to try scorpions

You must be really crazy! :)
May be you are right... is there any difference between eating chicken and eating insect? I don't think so. Also I love prawns but why I don't eat scorpions... Look, you are changing my mind.. :) Great to meet you. :)