📷 Our first morning in the Am Samui Palace Hotel on Ko Samui, Thailand!

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Hi Steemians, in this post I want to share my photo impressions of the first morning after arriving on the Ko Samui Island in Thailand! There is also a funny real life story before this day, happened at my arrival evening, but I want to keep this story for later... ;-)

After @lex030 & me met us at the Am Samui Palace Hotel and experienced our first long night on Koh Samui, we enjoyed our first morning in Thailand with a late-breakfast. (The regular breakfast was already finished, because we slept to long, like almost every day... ^^)



This was my late-breakfast, some nice fresh Bruschetta:


Haha, as you can see on this photo here, our skin was still very white from the cold Germany xD:


But after the breakfast I worked on changing it 😎:


And finally here is another great photo of the beautiful main-pool of the Am Samui Palace Hotel on Koh Samui in Thailand:


Best regards from Berlin and hear you in my next article!

Jonas Ahrens @future24


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It's cool in there, I have been busy these days. I have missed your post

Welcome back @tabithaa!

Ein sehr schöner Pool!

Ja der Pool ist wirklich sehr schön und wir haben auch eigentlich immer einen freien Platz gefunden. Es gibt aber sogar auch noch einen zweiten Pool, der auch sehr cool & tropisch gestaltet ist. 👍

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