Trakai Castle, Lithuania

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This photo was taken in Trakai (Lithuania), which was the old capital of this country. In the background you can see the Trakai Castle, which was completed by Vytautas the Great in 1409. This castle is extraordinary as it is the only castle built on the island in the whole Eastern Europe! Inside of it you can embrace history as there is a history museum. Trakai therefore is one of the most visited places in Lithuania. Have a pleasant stroll, enjoy the beauty of the castle and eat some kibinai!

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It looks great. Smart idea to build a castle on an island if a hill is not available. So many tourists come to visit. I doubt I will ever visit the country. I do wonder what kibinai is.

Kibinai are traditional pastries filled with something, for example, meat 😊

GOOD ... .^^.

Wow if God wishes me to vist Lithuania in my life time, I would prefer to see the place physically .

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