Toledo - the old capital of Spain

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If you occasionally visit the capital of Spain - Madrid, take a day to visit the old capital city of Toledo.


Toledo is located on a rock mound, where every single free centimeter is built. Churches, synagogues, mosques, and houses have huddled together on something like a spiral.


Toledo is one of the Spanish cities with a large abundance of monuments. It is also known as a "city of three cultures" - Christians, Arabs and Jews have lived there for centuries.


Behind the fortress walls is the artistic and cultural heritage in the form of churches, palaces, fortresses, mosques and synagogues.


Due to the wide variety of architectural styles and rich history of Toledo's old town, it is included in the UNESCO list.


Me and my wife spent a wonderful day at Toledo. I wish him all to you!


Great photos. It is a pity that there was not enough sun. But I like it and so ...

Thank you! Yes, the weather was rainy, but the experience was impressive. :)

By the way, the best pictures are made in mild cloudy weather in my opinion. Then the colors are the most real.

Yes, the pictures are beautiful, when - the clouds, but in the blue sky! ) When the sky is not visible - the colors are not so bright, in my opinion ...

My main argument is that in strong sunshine there are very strong contrasts. Here, the bright spots "burn".

Yes, I understand what you're talking about. But I prefer sunny weather with clouds, when you can do bright photos with beautiful shadows )

I agree with you. In this case, the perfect shot would have occurred if the sun was behind a cloud. Not a very dense cloud. ;)

For beautiful clouds, I use the HDR function with triple exposure. For example:


Which camera are you using?

The last photo is made with SONY DSC-H5, mounted to tripod. The photos from Toledo are made with my phone - Samsung Galaxy A5.

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