Things to do in Nepal other than Trekking:

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Between the majestic Himalaya Mountains that can be glimpsed from juddering bushes and the fascinating Indian jungles, Nepal is a land where things like yaks and yetis, hidden monasteries, the colorful temples and the bizarre encounters appear to be seemingly common. Ever since Nepal has opened its border to inlet the foreigners all-round the world, it has emerged as an enchanting destination for hikers and trekkers. The rugged trails to Mount Everest leading to the top of the world is just more than enough to magnetize mountain climbers from all over the planet. But not everyone is cool with Trekking for weeks to the great Himalayas. In that case, Nepal has a lot more to offer just than a hike to mountains.
Nepal is utterly full of amazing sights and sounds. From the craziness of Kathmandu; unparalleled eye-level views of hills and lakes; the incredible food to adrenaline rushing adventure, there is so much to perceive and perform. Trust me, you will be completely overwhelmed to live this next fraction that amazing Nepal offers to its tourist. Go and unfold the beauty of Nepal and try something else than just hiking around.
So, let’s list something else than hiking, which could be done in Nepal.

  1. Flight over Mount Everest:
    The fact that you can’t spend weeks in hiking to the great Himalayas doesn’t mean that you should miss out on encountering the most majestic peaks on the planet. A panoramic mountain flight is a perfect way to watch true Himalayan beauty disclose in front of your eyes. Not just mount Everest, the panoramic flight also includes a fly over Mt. Makalu,Mt. Gauri-Shanker ,Mt. Gosaithan, Mt. DorjeLhakpa and Mt. Pumori.
    Just if a panoramic flight doesn’t sound exciting enough, a helicopter tour to Everest certainly will.

  2. Whitewater rafting:
    Whitewater rafting in raging rivers fed by snow-melts and monsoon rains is a real challenge. The BhoteKoshi River overture most exciting rafting adventures in all of Asia. In addition, four days Kayaking Clinique down the Seti River is also a great deal to probe spectacular natural beauty and river scenery. Rafting in Kaligandaki, Trishuli, Narayani are another perfect substitute. Whitewater rafting is a serious thrill to test your limits.

  3. National park visit and Jungle (Forest) safari:
    Nepal is not all about the Himalayas– but the country’s topography is indeed pretty varied. In the southern lowlands lies Chitwan Valley, famous for Chitwan National Park, a straggling area of succulent jungles and grassy plains. It accommodates eight species of mammals, 500+ species of birds and rich diversity of flora and fauna.
    Now, if you are really fond of exploring bio-diversity, even Bardia National Park, is a great alternative. 30 different mammal’s species like one-horned rhinos and elephants, Gangetic dolphins, crocodiles and birds such as sarus cranes and Bengal floricans is the attraction of Bardia National Park.

  4. Paragliding in Pokhara:
    Pokhara, a lakeside town, is the place one should mandatorily visit during their stay to Nepal. Besides sightseeing, boating and bat’s cave, Pokhara grants something more thrilling. Skies of Pokhara is the best place for tandem paragliding for a Fancy adrenaline hit. The blue lake of the city and decent weather gives the ideal recipe for an amazing paragliding session. Soaring with the eagles who join you, copying the movement of their wings and saga views of the snow-capped mountains makes everything perfect.

  5. Mountain biking:
    Heading towards the east or the rim routes, you can find that Kathmandu offers pretty amazing bike excursion. Mountain biking to Shivapuri National Park, Godavari, Bungamati and Chapagaun roads and even all way to Nagarakot is a very exciting thing to do. Another popular alternative is Namobuddha stupa through Dhulikel and Panauti.
    Besides Kathmandu, Pokhara is also a crucial destination for mountain bikers. Biking around Phewa and Begnas is the best dainty.

  6. Cannoning
    For a true Himalayan adventure, nothing could be better than exploring majestic waterfalls, rock sliding, and giant jumping rocks. Just throw yourself into a fast-flowing whiteriver and flow downstream with its pace. Cannoning is an amazing way to get a real hands-on enduring the great Himalayas .

  7. Bungee Jumping:
    When it comes to adventure and extreme sports, Nepal never disappoints you. The Last Resort is a spot for the world’s ninth highest bungee jump. T his 160m high jump will make your body shiver badly. The high jump into a tropical gorge above a raging river would need some real guts .

  8. Skydiving in Nepal
    Can any other thrill beat a intoxicating skydive in front of Mount Everest? From the height of 23,000ft, you will literally free fall in front of the highest peakof the world. For the adrenaline junkies, nothing could be better than flying above the Everest. Though this one is an expensive option but that’s reasonable for life-time experience. But if it sounds unaffordable, you might want to try one over in Pokhara while is rather cheap.

  9. Mountain Yoga

Now, if you are done with heart thrilling adventure, let’s move to something calm and peaceful. What could be better than, practicing a Yoga in the lap of Himalayas? Their are many yoga centers in Nepal which teaches meditation, Yoga, and spirituality whilst. You can take a class for a week to months-long classes with an intensive course.

  1. Visit temples and monasteries:
    If I am not wrong, you are already aware that Nepal is the land of temples and monasteries, aren’t you? Eight cultural spots of Nepal are listed in world heritage list, and these are the place you must visit one you are in Nepal.
    • Spots around Kathmandu:
    Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, and Bouddhnath are most highlighted cultural stops in the capital. While Changu Narayan Temple and Krishna Mandir of Patan is famous places of Bhaktapur and Lalitpur respectively. No wonder, you must visit all three squares, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Basantappur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square.
    • Spots in Pokhara:
    Pokhara is also accomplished with cultural heritages like Bandabasini, White Gumba, and Tal Barahi.
    • Other spots:
    Muktinath Temple of Muktinath, Dev Ghat and Maulakalika of Chitwan, SworgaduarikoPyuthan, KalinchowkBhagwati of Dolokha, Manakaman of Gorkha are few famous spots for tourist will cultural purpose.

  2. Sightseeing:
    Being a naturally blessed country, Nepal offers mesmerizing scenery for site seeing. The capital itself severs as the best destination in the nation. Nagrakot, Chovar, Thamel, Gardens of dreams, Narayanhiti palace etc. are top in the list.
    No wonder, Pokhara, is another major destination to attract explorers and nature lovers with its spectacular natural beauty. Mehandra cave, Chamerogufa – Bat’s cave and Devis falls along with Phewa Lake, Begnas lake and Rupatal are the places you must sojourn.Lumbini-birth place of Gautam Buddha also has a mesmerizing scenic beauty that you cannot miss.

  3. Try homestay and farm-stay:
    Do you know that as per tradition, Nepalese consider a guest visiting their house as a god? If you want to endure with the amazing hospitality of Nepalese, do spend few nights in the homestay. Panauti homestay in Bhaktapur and GhaleGau in Lamjung is the one you must try. Ghandruk is also the other option for sightseeing and homestay among Gurung committee.
    Now, if you want to a step further of homestay, try farmstay. You can hook you up with local farmers who will give you room and food in exchange for a pair of amenable hands. Illam is one of the best places for a farm stay where you can work in tea farms.

While just going through the list above sounds to majestic and thrilling, don’t just visit Nepal for trekking. You can spend months in Nepal without hiking to Everest and still not get bored of being in this marvelous country.

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