Why People Love Travelling ?

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Leaving my home and wandering like an idiot all over earth sounds crazy, but still an idiotic chapter of my life. Never, did the question “why I love traveling?” stroke my head because that sounds so natural and obvious to love. But now, when this question finally stroke my head, I am seating down in my balcony ranting at my foolishness. Can there really be any reason for my immense love to voyage all over the globe or it’s just the same as everyone else?
Well, every time it’s all about craziness and my fluctuating mood that makes me back my bag and wander to some unknown land. But now, I really want to find the reasons for devotion to itinerant. Let’s see if I could list some of them.

1. Wish for a change:

It all about human nature to wish a change in his environment. I am literally not the one who can stoke in the same four-walled room all day for months with nothing particular to do. Can you do that? So just to see the change in the environment around me, to replace walls by trees and beds by rivers, I love to travel.

2. Learn:

Every new place I go, every new land I explore, every time I step out, there is always something I can learn about. New people always teach me something recent, new culture always shows a different part of history and a new species of bird always brings the new sensation of yearning to fly high.

3. Challenging myself:

I am the one, who love to see my own extremes. I love to see how far my legs can run, how high my feet can climb and how fast my body can fly. Trekking and hiking, Rafting and cannoning, skydiving and parachute flying make an adrenaline rush through my body making me alive.

#4. Expanding my vision:
The world is so big and life is so small. If I don’t travel how could I know what’s behind that mountain, what’s up of that cloud and what’s opposite to that river? Travelling expands my vision, widens my thoughts and expands my perspective.

5. Relaxing and rejuvenating:

A Monday to Saturday work days is just so wearisome to repeat without a fun Sunday. What’s the point in starting a new year without a vacation to an unknown land? Remember “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”? A restful vacation just not make you relax, but rejuvenates you as well.

6. Strengthening relationships

Experience of travellike family getaway, a romantic trip, or long weekend can strengthen important bonds. Travel is a great way to make new friends and deepen old friendships as well.Between the couples, travelling ignite fresh sparks in their relationship. Travelling may smooth over any family grudges and build happier relationships between family members and relatives.

Come on! Life is not all about getting to eat and sleep. There’s something more to do. Don’t save for far, you might die tomorrow itself. Explore something new every time you get a chance, know more about the world you live in. Travel to know yourself better, travel to fall in love with yourself.


nice location

One day when all the kids are out the house. The little we did was fun

hahaha loved it :)

So true! Especially #4 !

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