Best summer treks in north india.

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North India trekking takes you to probably the most picturesque and alluring spots of the district. The conditions of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir have amazing rocky landscape, and that is precisely what you get the chance to savor amid such excursions.

These are some of popular treks in north india.

1. Roopkund Trek, Garhwal

2. Hampta Pass, Himachal Pradesh

3. Bara Bhangal, Himachal Pradesh

4. Deo Tibba, Himachal Pradesh

5. Kashmir Great Lake, Kashmir

6. Nubra Valley Trek, Ladakh

7. Markha Valley, Ladakh

8. Pin Parvati, Himachal Pradesh

9. Valley of Flowers, Garhwal

10. Spiti to Ladakh Trek, Ladakh


wow beautiful. i want going there.

I wish you must go there.

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