Giving money away in Mexico - Direct to Vendor 5,000 PESOs...

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The lady below is holding up her donation given by you to her direct (by looking in my wallet above in right hand top corner). In my wallet you will see transfers of steem to me from other steem account holders. I turn around and prove with picture it went to a good cause. This lady is blind in one eye and was working hard making products on the catholic church stairs in Puerto Vallarta she was extremely happy receiving this donation 1,000 PESO and I am sure it will help her whole family:

The gentleman below was so proud to have his picture taken and did not ask for anything - he was grateful to receive donation 1,000 PESO:

The dude below was having so much fun making hats etc out of plants and gladly said yes to his picture being taken. He was stunned to receive 1,000 PESO donation:

So many hard working vendors extremely proud of their work and happy to show their products - this man almost broke down into tears with his donation 1,000 PESO:

This was a family run business and they were again very proud to show their business off and were stunned to get a donation - a very hard working family run business 1,000 PESOs:

The next few shots are some site seeing you may recognize if you have been here...




For more of this Direct to Vendor charity read my last few blogs.

I also would like some of my active commenters to police the area. Please do an audit on who is posting more than 3 comments on any one of my blogs. So we can send the spam police after them. They are jamming up the comment section.

Thanks @magx for helping with monitoring donations we probably need a volunteer to keep it up to date:



A very wonderful idea to help the poor, thank you for sharing it , i don't have more than 1.409 sbd ,but I will send it to you to help them, and when I have anthor sbd or steem , if you still collect aid, I will send more !
Resteemed @greenman

We are human its true. Everyone must go away one day, nobody can take any property with himself. So never ignore the poor people who are very hungry at least.

The website has been updated! Here are some facts about the project so far.

Total Raised So Far: $575.38
Total Distributed So Far: $358.80

Special thanks to @sallybeth23, who is the number one donor, with over $200 USD!

All donors as of today: @offgridlife, @daisyphotography, @borgheseglass, @santy, @tamurah, @shadflyfilms, @hackerwhacker, @yaanivapeji, @goldcoin, @max1994, @michaellamden68, @fancylora, @shagorshikder, @sallybeth23, @sanjib, @kickup008, @falsefreedom, @alejandro12, @admiralsp, @intrepidphotos, @direwolf

I will look into adding Bitcoin donations to the website within the next week. Stay tuned!

Just sent over 2.6 SBD. Keep up the good work! As money permits more will be sent to help keep the project funded.

this is what i love about open source, someone just comes up with an idea and someone codes it ;)

Hope many people can join to this project!! Stay blessed you all.

That’s Awesome. Great summary @maxg

may GOD bless them @maxg

I am new in this way & i am confident.

This giraffe thanks you for helping the poor in their own way .

Happy to see your post after a while mate

hi Dear you have sister......! Wow That's amazing.........
Nice to meet you again Dear.God Bless you and Your Family.............
I Always with you dear.Keep going on Helping the poor people..

Hey paul i gift you for your sister.

hi @greenman, the picture is very cool and very beautiful

I really appreciate what you are doing sir. And I hope someday I would be lucky enough to benefit.

you are a wonderful person , Thank you brother . @greenman

Thank you so much sir , great experience.... @greenman

You are amazing @greenman. Lost my apartment and property in the BWARI crisis that happened on Christmas day and i also I run a foundation in Bwari, Abuja for less priviledged children called Faith, Hope and Love Foundation. Please help anyway you can. Thanks @greenman.
In your free time, You can read it here @adedoyinwealth.

I just sent you 1 Steem for Direct to Vendor to distribute anywhere in the World. Great Work Paul. Love and Light

Nice .... That is $114 Mexican Pesos. I am going to do the same.

Just sent 1 Steem (6.50 USD) = 124 Pesos.

I was just checking to see what you can get for 124 pesos in Mexico. 1 night in a Hostel and probably a good meal.

Together we just sent almost $400 pesos to Mexico. This is what Cryptocurrency is all about. No fees and all the money goes directly to the people in need @offgridlife @borgheseglass @daisyphotography

Absolutely ... it depends on the price of Steem. If Steem goes up to $10 USD that would be $200 Mexican Pesos. I hope Steem keeps moving up. This could solve so many problems.

Wow @greenman - Thank you so much !!!

Awesome as ever; keep it up!!!

Outstanding post!!!
Loved your social work and helping poor people...
Brilliant photography and hearttouching lifestyle..
Thanks for sharing with us...@greenman

So wonderful. I love to see this every day.

@greenman you are a really great man bcz your every post very helpfuuullll
some post help us and some post help to poor pepole why you leave steemit we really love you... i love to read your post....
pleasssssssssss don't leave us

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hi @greenman Sorry to comment again on your post !
but no way to invite you , I said that your idea is very beautiful, so I agreed with my friend here to do a weekly post that would be profitable to help very poor Palestinian families, and I hope you will help us , and i will photoghrph the aid next week :) thank you

A very wonderful idea to help the poor, thank you for sharing it ,


It is about making you think from a different perspective..your so cool @greenman,love you always.respect you all the time.@resteem
have a nice day sir.tenor.gif

al toro mexico.always respect you sir.
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Hi Paul aka @greenman, A lot of people are decorating Steemit with their fantastic blogs. It's pleasure to know that there are some bloggers who are taking care of the needy. When I joined Steemit back in July 2017. I found a Steemit with a bio like, "Help Me Not Become A Homeless". It was something new for me though I'm managing one of the fastest growing crowdfunding group at Facebook and a lot of cause based crowdfunding campaigners keep approaching me but I was new at Steemit and this was first of its kind experience for me here. So, I tried to learn more about that person. His recent post was about his devastated situation and there was a link of his Gofundme campaign at the end of that post. People responded to that post generously and the post earned some good money. After a few day, the bio of that person has changed with these words, "No More A Homeless". This was very relieving and I got convinced about the power of Steemit that day. Today, again, I'm feeling bit relieved that someone is being voice of the needy. Salute.

Excellent work @greenman.

Steem On!

Wonderful comment well for me, since I've been on steemit I've taken it upon myself to help those I can help in need

God bless you. These people live a very hard life and it makes me believe that it's not over for all of us if there are people like you in the world!
You are amazing!

Thank you for being so kind and thoughtful
towards the poor and hard wotking people you happen to encounter. A drop of kindness in terms of donation will make a lot of difference to the poor and needy. You are like a wandering angel listening to poor people’s silent prayers!
Thank you for not judging others who do not join in your project!
I am losing my second part time job in six weeks’ time. So I need all the money I can earn now, although I have been helping animals and needy people in my vicinity for a long time. I am not asking for help here as I still have another part time job, but my income will be cut by two-thirds! So, I hope Steemit posts will enable me to survive self-sufficiently.
All the best wishes!

This really is amazing. All the money that we have is not going to come with us when we die. But if we spent it in the right causes it surely will come with us as our good deeds. Great work @greenman and keep doing these little good things and keep making people happy and make them realize that humanity is still there.

Wow amazing photography sir.You always uploads interesting and important post sir.I really waiting for your post sir.Upvote and resteem done.

Thank you very much sir...IMG_3376.JPG

No gif no comment just want to say
Salute boss you're great.

Paul you are doing a great job for needy people. I am seeing the happiness in their eyes, which are filled with so many dreams of their children, their loved ones, You helped them by fulfilling their dreams, it's a great achievement to fulfill the dreams. Your photography is just awesome as usual. Auditing by police is a good idea. you don't write about the crypto currency this time. Have a nice time in mexico:)

The lady is blind in one eye and was working hard making products on the catholic church stairs in Puerto have done such a mind blowing work for them who are poor like them in this post....your analysis power is going a controbutor i feel like diffrent i wll so support you boss.
....some exceptional photo that's outstanding

just salute you boss........ love u boss...




You already has proven us who you are. Due to that generous life style of your you got troubles. And also you got lots of supporters as well. I see you are continously power down your account. I won't see that happen. The most generous whale on Steem platform leaving it is a bad nightmare to all Steemians. Hope you decide to stay here. Great photography and people who earned that huge money from you definitely bless you as well.


Much obliged to you for being so kind and astute

towards poor people and hard wotking individuals you happen to experience. A drop of thoughtfulness as far as gift will have a great deal of effect to poor people and penniless. You resemble a meandering blessed messenger tuning in to destitute individuals' noiseless supplications!

Much obliged to you for not passing judgment on other people who don't participate in your undertaking!

I am losing my second low maintenance work in a month and a half's opportunity. So I require all the cash I can win now, despite the fact that I have been helping creatures and penniless individuals in my region for quite a while. I am not requesting help here as despite everything I have another low maintenance work, yet my salary will be cut by 66%! In this way, I trust Steemit presents will empower me on survive independently.

All the all the best!

When a person realizes that he will only take his livelihood, which is written for him, he stops distracting and sanctifying the material side as we see now in this world.

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others.//////////


@greenman - Sir I have a simple question & a simple answer

Question:- Who can help others with his gain of crypto investment?

Answer:- Only GREENMAN do

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Wonderful Gift to receive. Many Blessings from Canada.

I will Send more today .... Such a great way to share what we have received.

Way to go ! Me too.

I just sent you 1 Steem for the Direct to Vendor Project to Help any artists in Mexico...

Way to go @Borgheseglass ... super idea Artists helping Artists

Brilliant post!!
Loved the picture and there story of life...
Very nice that you are helping poor people...
Keep on sharing more photography...@greenman

I walk around here to see the special accounts and by chance I got to know your account and read some of your publications is really excellent and I hope you support me I am a beginner here and as you can see I find little support although I start an effort and thank you

@greenman : D)

This dog expresses its happiness with your initiative to help the poor who live in difficult conditions in this harsh climate


@greenman amazing things that you giving money away to who need it , should people follow you & do the same things , we don't live in a perfect world, and there's never going to be a perfect time to give , but there are always people out there in need of help , When you your followers know of your donations, they may find themselves more motivated to undertake their own efforts to give , You don't need $10,000 to make a difference in someone's life. even just a few dollars could result in a week's worth of meals for a starving child, much-needed medical attention ... :) Resteem (y)

@MR.COLLIN your work of vendor give all these poor and hardwork persons many joys and a great help from you and they all hope more from you and hope they will get from you alwasy till they stand in thier life and we all with you and will try to support you as possible always
and we always @resteemd your posts t

An excellent journey and the contest itself attracts attention! Paul, I will certainly audit the comments! Thank you, Upvoted & Resteemed.

this hradworker man is feel so glad and many happiest moment to get dontaion from you sir we all with you in this great plan and wish you more best and hope all of your followers will donate for all them and rise up your charity
i also @resteed like always

well it is more great work to see smile and happiness on thier faces and i appriciate your work to give them smile with your donation hope one day this charity give the many of person in whole world donations i think we all want to resteem your posts to create more awairness in all steemit comunity

Thanks again for doing this. I really thing this is such a great idea. The idea of cutting out the middle men who take the lions share of the of global financial transfers is what crypto is all about. This is just s demonstration of how people can act with kindness form the bottom up rather from the top down. The prevailing wisdom that one has to be rich to be philanthropic is one that people like to hold to as an excuse (I will give when I am rich). Keep it up mate ;-)

Amazing poste and awesome idea thank you fot sharing RESTEEM @greenman


to bring good and helpful people together. I think this is a great are quite successful in this business. we appreciate are making people happy to help you. You also make happy helpful people. you show them who need help. I hope you are supported more. this way you will make more people happy. The better the life helps and shares, the better. stay happy @greenman

Some people constantly complain about what they are in. However, it is necessary to know that all negativities are hidden in the human spirit of the foundation. People who live in the self, take it without paying attention to other people, make our world become an uninhabitable place. Confucius says: Knowledge saves the fear of being a person from doubt, goodness from suffering, decisiveness.

If we want to live in goodness and always want to be happy, we should pay attention to the steps we have taken. The first step is that human beings are the basis of many behaviors and the life is shaped in accordance with these steps. We have to approach people with roses, not thorns, much more meaningful, much more virtuous.

And you're doing this well. You make people happy and this is one of the most beautiful movements in the world. I really appreciate you. Not everyone can think about it. Not everyone can do that. @greenman

God bless you sir
These are donations that you give to the blind lady & all the other people are really mean to them.
Upvoted & resteemed

I am interesting travel Mexico .Waiting your next post..

Man can live alone in this world, so no matter how he tries to rely on himself, he will not be able to dispense with asking for help from others in many aspects of his life, regardless of its physical and health, and since the human since childhood begins his life depending on others, It will also end it by relying on others, as well as in the middle stage of life, ie, the stage of youth. Man can only achieve success if others support it. A person's need to help others indicates that others also need his help, which is a duty on a person since his youth, but within his capacity, man alone will not be able to help all individuals, but will help them within his abilities and abilities. Selfish, and not worthy of being classified into human beings

They are glad to meet generous man like you ...& thank for all the rewards i get from you by commenting on your post
upvoted & resteemed!

Wonderful minds! @kartiksingh , Thank you for everything, sir! @greenman

I love photography.
They are glad to meet generous man like you ...& thank for all the rewards i get from you by commenting on your post.
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I know with what you gave to this lady, she can start a new life.
I really appreciate your effort towards minnows.... God Bless you more for doing these.

The lady below is holding up her donation given by you to her direct (by looking in my wallet above in right hand top corner). In my wallet you will see transfers of steem to me from other steem account holders. I turn around and prove with picture it went to a good cause. This lady is blind in one eye and was working hard making products on the catholic church stairs in Puerto Vallarta she was extremely happy receiving this donation $1,000 PESO and I am sure it will help her whole family

Amazing post Mr @greenman Blockchain is awesome RESTEEMED and shared in the facebook group And thanks for the catalytic support

Today, again, I'm feeling bit relieved that someone is being voice of the needy. Salut @greenman.Fantastic post.
Direct to Vendor $5,000 PESOs...bitcoin gains being shared as well.Thank you, Upvoted & Resteemed.

hey @paul you are always best and i appriciat your work always and your seewing machines idea i really like you and hope you will work on it and give donate people and aso give skills to finish poverity from all those pooer families

Thank you for taking the initiative to help the poor .

When I told my friend from Mexico that you were giving donations to hardworking people, he was so surprised. You're doing a great job!

She was extremely happy receiving this donation $1,000 PESO and I am sure it will help her whole family.

Excellent photos of Mexico!

Upvoted & Resteemed

@greenman really liking this as stated in your last post. Going to be sending you all the SBD from that upvote which should be paying out int eh next 24hrs. Want to support you more, but the insurance co decided my Wife's car was a total loss and the amount they are giving isn't enough to buy anything. Anyways for now the SBD from your upvote will be donated back to the cause.

Keep up the good work!

You are not giving money away, you are sowing seed by giving which will come back as harvest.

Yeah dear you are right. @greenman is helping steemians by upvoting. He is great.

You are amazing @greenman. Lost my apartment and property in the BWARI crisis that happened on Christmas day and i also I run a foundation in Bwari, Abuja for less priviledged children called Faith, Hope and Love Foundation. Please help anyway you can. Thanks @greenman.
In your free time, You can read it here @adedoyinwealth.

Ohh Thats really nice of you @greenman
You're Living a fulfilled life ,affecting many lives positively...
You have made me learn how to affect atleast a life positively everyday......
Im glad to learn from you
You're a blessing to many

You corrected it but I already got the alert. It is all good. Keep steeming.

Respectful working.actually i am really proud of you.You proved man for man. @greenman


A few people truly do what they do energetically. Their lives mean employments for them. What's more, the outcome when they see an incentive in their face: ENDLESS HAPPINESS

Much obliged to you for this lovely move
Ireally like your photography greenman........

@greenman You make people happy and this is one of the most beautiful movements in the world. I really appreciate you.
The purpose of human life is to serve love, and to show compassion, care, concern and the will to help others.

Every minnow around steemit is always looking out for your post because of your generous upvote.... Thanks for your generosity. I bet those gentlemen will be very happy because you made their day

You did a humble act of kindness which is hard to find in this the pics looks great and amazing.we need more people like you to help others as much as they can.i live in a developing country so I understand how a single act of kindness can change someone’s day and life.

im just amazed to see how you help them individually and personally you really a very kind hearted person i can feel that it's just great work that you are doing ...
may god bless you❤

The next time you want to withhold your help, or your love, or your support for another for whatever the reason, ask yourself a simple question: do the reasons you want to withhold it reflect more on them or on you? And which reasons do you want defining you forevermore?


@greenman sir Such a wonderful and thankful work my dear sir.. Actually ....I'm always respect to your works

Amazing initiative and great work @greenman Resteemed

Peace to you and your Good Works Sir

Honestly, you're the great man I have ever known.
Amazing and very interessing post thank you for sharing
resteemed and shared in the steemit
I'm looking forward to our next post

We need plenty of greenman in Africa to support the needy. If I can be privileged to be like him, I will do as he does even with the little i earn on steemit. Good job @greenman


If someone ask me "who is Greenman?" I will say "He is the latest world philanthropist doing his best to ensure people live comfortable.

Thanks for showing love by Giving money away in Mexico - Direct to Vendor 5,000 PESOs

tenor (1)3.gif

This is so nice to see. 1 Steem can go a long way in Mexico. Will send more.

This is nice Paul collin sir just hat's off too you for this tremendous work you are doing for the community all the best in your life go beyond have lots of success

Well this is my #First_Ever comment on your Post @greenman

First Off- The way you have been promoting Humanity and Love is Really Really Appreciable. This is what compelled me to write here.
There is a very famous quote i would like to put here,

Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.
-Francis of Assisi

To me the biggest Religion in the world is HUMANITY. I looked upon your blog deeply and read all the captions you mentioned above and now i am fully convinced that World has Great Humans like you who are serving the People without Self-Interests, without the aim to get attention. You are truly doing what the Creator told us to do.

In the Holy Book of Muslims (The Quran) Creator said ;

“Allah is never unjust in the least degree: If there is any good (done), He doubleth it, and giveth from His own presence a great reward.” (An-Nisaa, Chapter 4, Verse 40)

The most functional acts for the society are Kindness and Charity and these both make a society indeed a Welfare Society. You're actually giving the message of Peace and Love to make this place Heaven for all the humans without the difference of CASTE, CREED or Color.

Although I am new addition to this place but My Support, Respect, Affection are always with you to make this place a very Peaceful and Loving Community.

For this reason I am going to follow you so that i can also contribute in this act of kindness.

May God Blessed you always, Happy Steeming :)

Sir last post when you told, you have 2000 followers and every body send you best wishes and you reward them but you know I send you my best wishes to more then 8 hours ago but you don't told me anything even not a single thanks. I also send a massage to your wallet and I submit a crying gif also. sir you are nice man please be continue. I a'm poor also but I'm with you.

A few people always grumble about what they are in. In any case, it is important to realize that all negativities are covered up in the human soul of the establishment. Individuals who live in the self, take it without focusing on other individuals, influence our reality to wind up plainly a dreadful place. Confucius says: Knowledge spares the dread of being a man from question, goodness from agony, conclusiveness.

On the off chance that we need to live in goodness and dependably need to be upbeat, we should focus on the means we have taken. The initial step is that people are the premise of numerous practices and the life is molded as per these means. We need to approach individuals with roses, not thistles, substantially more significant, considerably more idealistic.

Furthermore, you're doing this well. You make individuals cheerful and this is a standout amongst the most delightful developments on the planet. I truly value you. Not every person can consider it. Not every person can do that. @greenman
You are the best Greenman....

Your generosity will surely pay you

Hey! I'm going to be your police, your spam police. Thanks for your special giveaway.

@Greenman you made a fantastic post with great jobe and im proud of you of all what you do with those people best (resteem)

Great work , many many thanks for shareing picture.

Amazing sir and resteeming your post sir.

This is nice Mr @greenman. I can see the joy on their faces.

I will be sending more donations for this charity project tomorrow.

Regards @yaanivapeji.


Respect Paul, its Amazing how good you are for others. You will be blessed!
Never saw a steemian like you. Choose for independency and along the way you spread your heart and take care for other people.
Thank you for being !!!

your a good bloke mr greenman. the karma arc on this must feel amazing. wonder if you will take a look at my post regarding the homeless vending machine i found today -- i think your direct to vendor could extend to direct to homeless, i'd love to see if @maxg would be interested in setting up a version of the website stuff you have so i can go to the vending machine project makers and push steemit front and centre

Great Work. This is STEEM in Action. Beautiful to see. UpVoted and Resteemed.

These are the days of the beautiful time when there was an hour when helping others, and we hope that this will return in the future. We also notice that the price also became better, and on the occasion, helping others or charity increases the livelihood and blessing. @greenman

I notice that you support me a lot, whether now or in the past, and I do not know how to return the favor to you, but all I can now is to pray to you with good and I hope that ALLAH , the Creator of this universe, will facilitate your affairs, open the doors of good for you, preserve your health, and bless you in what you have and promise you, ALLAH willing I will try to help him after the needy with the money that I earn. This is a principle in life. By ALLAH , now I write, with my eyes almost tearing up, the good ones have become really few in this world. Thank you. @greenman

Man you are great and you do indeed do have a great and good heart !
Man go ahead and I am sure you made many people smile from time to time .They must have felt glad to get sth from you in this rough world going on !
Hats off to you man !

drinks on us

welcome @greenman sir in mexico and i am really happy to see you in mexico go giving dontaion our people and i hope you will give our people more dontaions and help our poor families to make them happy and lovely time we hope you will live here and in our hearts always

I have never seen such a generous and selfless heart like yours. Though i am a bit humble, but you are the best. Keep up the good work and i believe one day i will give testimonies like others. I have learnt the key 'be Generous'

this world is turning for help lovers like you and you. Do not underestimate the work you do, just keep going. make people happy and be happy. It' s wonderful @greenman

Awesome work @greenman...Thank you for your generous donation to Save the Children . Your gift, when combined with the gifts of other caring donors, can provide the training, equipment and support needed to help prevent and treat the biggest threats to children and families where the need is greatest.

@greenman sir i slute you this laday is age wise look like my grandmother and i am so happy that she i sitting and relax and many happy to gete gift from you i like you more more that you give happy moments her

This giraffe needs to live with the poor you want to ride on a motorcycle