Memories of my walk with my family at Seaworld, Orlando, Florida, USA.

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Memories of my walk with my family at Seaworld, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Dear Steemit friends, I want to continue sharing with you through from the following photos taken in this spectacular place, where I was enjoying my family surrounded by so many so cute animals and many of these animals were strangers to me already that was the first time I saw them.

For those who don't know SeaWorld Entertainment Inc . As had already commented above is a company or Park exhibit it and shows of marine animals caught in freedom as the killer whalesthe sea lions the dolphins sharks, rays, fish, sea turtles, walruses, polar bears, penguins, etc

This time I am going to show pictures of animals such as seals, walruses, sea lion and Penguin...

Viaje Orlando 555.JPG

Viaje Orlando 557.JPG

Viaje Orlando 558.JPG

Viaje Orlando 559.JPG

Viaje Orlando 051.JPG



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