My visit to the Isla de Margarita, Edo Nueva Esparta, Venezuela.

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My visit to the Isla de Margarita, Edo Nueva Esparta, Venezuela.

This weekend I had the opportunity to visit some friends to the Isla de Margarita, specifically to the city of Pampatar, which is the capital of the Maneiro Municipality. Its old name was Pampatare or Mampatar. Pampatar in indigenous voice that means "house of salt".

In this area you will find the very busy and famous Margarita Sambil Center, a thematic commercial emporium emphasized on the beaches of the Island and you will also find the ecological Costazul Park Shopping Center, the largest in the Eastern Region.

Although I tell you that this is a brief review of the city of Pampatar what captivates me the most of coming to the Island of Margarita are its natural beauty especially its beautiful beaches.

Next I am going to show you the beautiful photo that you take from the balcony of the apartment where you spend the weekend with this spectacular view ...

IMG-20170713-WA0003 (1).jpg


Beautiful view! You can share with us more pictures : D

thanks for sharing ! Good post.

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Excelente vista en tu contenido

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